A Visist From an Apostle

Elder Jeffrey R Holland 1841 BoM 3

Something remarkable happened today. Something that statistically will only happen once every 30 years give or take. It was truly a rare and exciting opportunity that I had this wonderful Sabbath day. Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ spoke at this weekends Stake conference. We get the opportunity to hear him and other apostles speak once every 6  months during the General Conference of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This event is held the first weekend in April and October every year. But today was unique opportunity during our stake conference, which is a regional conference for the area rather than the semi annual conference for the entire church. Jeffrey R Holland was at our Stake Conference in person to speak to the members in the Edmonton Area today. This is only the second time I have had the chance to meet a member of the quorum of the 12 Apostles. The last time was a few years ago before 2 of my 3 children were born, When Russell M Nelson made a visit to Edmonton. Prior to his visit then prophet and president of the church Gordon B Hinkley came to Edmonton to announce the Edmonton Temple but I did not have the chance to meet him amongst the crowd of several thousand who had gathered and the Shaw conference center to hear him speak.

I would like to share some things that Elder Holland talked about today in his address to the members of the church in my area. First however, I wish to emphasize that he is not an apostle just in name, but indeed has the very same priesthood authority that Christ gave his 12 apostles, and is as much an apostle as Peter, James and John of the New Testament. His authority comes straight from God himself and like Paul of the new testament has the same rights, privileges, authority, power and priesthood as the same apostles in Christs time.

Elder Holland had testified that the power of God has the ability to have an immediate impact on you, just as the man who spent 40 years on the steps of the temple, and when Christ apostles saw him there they told him, we have no money but what we do have we will give you, stand up and walk. A miracle was performed and had an immediate impact on this man who was lame from birth. No one is 2 far gone that the power of God cannot bring him back to the gospel and truth.

Elder Holland talked about his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He testified of its miraculous origin and defied anyone to come up with another explanation of its Existence by saying “If you don’t like the answer our missionaries give you then come up with your own explanation and start a church. But you don’t have another answer. What person would perpetuate a fraud and then tell you to pray about it.

Elder Holland talked about the possibility of the apostles losing there very lives while serving in there calling, as the scriptures make it clear that times of greater violence throughout the world is still yet to come. You can’t argue with the evidence.

Elder Holland testified “It is God’s truth and anyone who leaves it does so at the own peril and walks into oblivion”

Elder Hollands final remarks were a blessing. He left his apostolic blessing and sealed it with the priesthood authority that he has that we will be strengthened, we will have happiness and hope. We will come to more fully understand the calling and priesthood authority of the apostles. We are all part of the Holy order of God.

Elder Holland also stated that Women have been the flag bearers of truth throughout history and have kept men in the church. He thanked God for the women of the church and the women of this world. He stated that the world was not perfect till women were part of it, Women were the last that was created on this world, and only after women were created did God pronounce it good and perfect.

When the opportunity to hear and apostle speak I hope that we will take the time to listen. This weekend was a truly inspiring weekend and a rare opportunity. I thank God for such an opportunity and hope and pray that we will have such an opportunity again.


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