Remberence Day


Canada has a long military history as well as a history filled with compassion. Our soliders have put there lives on the line so that we can have the freedom to worship God according to our own desires. In my own family history I have ancestors who fought for canada in wars, my wifes grandfathers served in the navy and airforce. Canada has a reputation world wide for being and large contributor to peace keeping efforts world wide. We have been a contributor in global efforts of world war 1 and 2. Thousands of our soldiers have died to protect our freedoms.

We currently have soldiers deployed to afghanastan helping to stabilize that region of the world. The amount of good our military has done around the world cannot go unnoticed and as members of a free society we have I believe and obligation to honor there efforts that protect our freedoms.

I recall a conversation I had with some missionaires of another faith a while back. they were talking about how war is wrong and that we as a country should not be involved in such wars and that we should not have a military as there is never a need or circumstance in which to kill another person. I had responded to them that while I agree with the sentiment, and I absolutly agree that war is wrong and a terrible thing, I also agree that to kill someone for any reason is something that should never be required and should be be avoided at all cost. I then proceeded to point out it is because of the actions of the very soldiers that they don’t seem to support that they have the freedom to knock on my door and proclaim there beliefs to me. I also told them that I would be willing to take up arms to defend my family’s rights and freedoms should it become neccessary nor I would I hesitate to take drastic and violent actions in defense of my family. I could not in good conscience sit idly by while my family is being threatenned, assualted and is having there rights, freedoms and safety threatenned. It is because of our military that we as a country are safe from such threats on a international level, and we are obligated to defend and protect our familys on a local level as well. If we were to disband and eliminate our military we would become vulnerable to those who would seek to dominate and destroy us, no nation can protect its people in the evil filled world we live in without a military to defend against the encroaching evil of tyranny. While it would be wonderful to live in a world without militarys we simply don’t have that luxury and until the return of christ it simply won’t happen. We can’t just get rid of our military and expect our enemies will sit back and say “well they don’t have a military any more so I guess we should just leave them alone”. while these missionariers of another faith agree that what I have said makes sense and acknowledge that it is a need in the world we live they still hold to the beliefe that it should not be. I can agree with them, it should not be that way but it is.

So this rememberance day lets take some time to truly thank a soldier for there efforts to help those in need and for keeping canada safe from those who would take our freedoms. God bless all soldiers. And God bless all military wives who sacrifice so much so that there husbands can defend and protect not just our freedoms but fight for those who can’t. lets also take some time to pray for military widows who have lost there husbands who are defending our freedoms. God bless and happy remberence day.

By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals