The Church of Jesus Christ has 4 Wonderful publications. The Ensign, geared towards the adults in the church The New Era, geared towards young single adults and youth, The Friend, geared towards children under 12, and the Liahona with selections from each of the other 3 magazines.

Each issue contains inspiration and guidance from our Church leaders and other writers. They help us become better people and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The first issues of each magazine started in January 1971.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a wonderful app called the LDS gospel library which has given the opportunity to study each and every issue of these magazines. I have set the personal goal to read every issue of each magazine since the the first additions in January of 1971. I look forward to learning more about the gospel and the issues that the church and members have dealt with and continue to deal with over the past 42 years. I don’t know how long this will take me but I Look forward to enjoying what has been said over the last several decades. And you never know I may get more inspiration for future topics on this site.

Let me know how you have enjoyed these magazines and visit the sites for each magazine at




By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals