There are always circumstances in which a child needs to be removed from there home but to often they are removed under questionable reasoning and become the victim of abuse and murder at the hands of our so called leaders.

This is something happening in our country that gets me very angry. In fact it Infuriates me to no end. It makes me want to scream. It gets me so angry that I am having a hard time holding back tears of anger and hostility. While I know that this is not very Christlike it is an issue that is very close to my heart and something that I am myself have had very strong and severely debilitating experience with my self. We here people saying things like that “oh well that’s not any good” but what are we actually doing about it. We continue to support financially and through other means these murders who have become the devils front men in a war on the family and children. They are directly responsible for over 741 murders of children in the last 14 years in Alberta alone. That amounts to a child being murdered or “allowed to die” every week in this province under the care of our “government”

This makes me angry beyond words. Nothing can or ever will justify this atrocity. This news story from global news found at this link ( I cannot help but take personally given my own experiences. This little girl was taken from her mother because she was living with family rather than her mother having her own place. Her mother has stated

“They believed I was unstable because I was living with family and I didn’t have a lease of my own. Not everybody has the ability or the money…to live on their own.

“I don’t believe for a second that I deserved to have her taken away from me. And sometimes I wonder,” she said with her voice breaking, “if she were here with me, she might still be here. And that breaks my heart.”

This little girl was taken from her home, drugged and died in care. Prior to her being taken from her mother she had no health issues and was a happy active child. This child’s symptoms were described as follows. She was drooling a lot, very zombie-like, very shivery, tremoring.signs of aggression and depression, shell of her former self, her weight had whittled down to 37 pounds, exposing bones across her body. All of which are classic side effects of strong psychotropic drugs. None of which she suffered from prior to being taken from her mother.

If she had lived there is not telling what the longer term consequences of these actions would of been. I have no doubt she would of lost all trust in humanity. She would of been scarred beyond recognition and never would of been the same. She would, I have no doubt, have been told she needs drugs for the rest of her life. The state would of effectively created a drug addict at the profit of big pharma and at the expense of this child’s mental and physical health, while leaving behind a terrorized soul and destroyed and bitter family because of these completely unnecessary and extremely harmful actions that have done not a bit of good for this child or her family. Not that much different than what happened with me. I to was told that I would need drugs for the rest of my life. Unlike this girl I eventually had the chance to say no. I to was taken away from my family for a time because I could not live at home. At least that was what I was told.

While the media rarely tells the whole story. They often will be nothing more than the propaganda arm of our respective governments. Given that this story makes me wonder what they are not telling us. I cannot imagine a worse scenario than the senseless murder of a child. A child that died as a direct result of nanny state intervention in the care and raising of said child who had no reported issues prior to being taken from her home and family. She was taken by force from her mother, an act that would be traumatizing for any child. The psychological effects of this act resulted in depression which should come as no surprise then she was drugged and died as a result of the drugs. This is murder plane and simple!! If I were to kidnap a child pass her off as my kid, then pump her full of harmful drugs which lead to her death I would be criminally prosecuted for kidnap and murder. When our government does this it’s simply a mistake no one is held accountable for the state can commit no crime, and no one acting in the states name can commit a crime only individuals acting without the states consent. At least that is the mindset that of the government. If this had happened while she was living at home there would be an investigation to determine if criminal charges should be laid, no such investigation I am sure in this case will even suggest criminal negligence.

The devil has a war on for our children. He has a war on against the family. How can we protect that family if our government can take our family away for any reason they deem reasonable. There is no interest in supporting family’s there is only interest in destroying them. The family a proclamation to the world states that it is our responsibility to provide for and raise our children. It is not the states job. Why then do they take so many children from there loving family’s and then murder them. If there purpose to help family’s then why do they “help” them by taking children away from loving parents!!.

This is wrong plain and simple. There is not other way to describe this disgrace other than murder. This child was murdered and those responsible must be held accountable if not in this life then the next.

The very lives of our children are at risk from the very people we are supposed to trust when they take over the care of these children, yet they are the ones that are killing them. This should anger any parent. It angers me and it should anger you. Why then is this allowed  to continue to happen. While good parents loose there kids, drug addicted mothers keep there children. There is something very wrong with this whole system.

Foster parents theoretically have to go through screening by the state to become foster parents. Does this case and over 700 other cases that have ended in death of the child not make your wonder what those standards supposedly are? Foster parents are carefully groomed to ensure that they meet the ideological methods of child rearing.

The drugs these kids are forced to take cause more harm than good.

“Whether under the care of Child Protective Services, Departments of Family and Child Services, or Youth Welfare Offices, foster children—often removed from family homes because of abuse—are furthered abused when they are prescribed psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs. Some US states report that more than
60% of foster children are prescribed mood-altering drugs (at a rate 300% above the national average). Already troubled over their circumstances, these children are drugged for emotional and behavioral issues, sometimes with tragic outcome.”
In Ontario, Canada, psychotropic drugs are prescribed to nearly half of the state wards accounting for drug prescriptions at a rate three times that of children in the general population. the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971 requires governments to protect children, including those in foster care from excessive and unwarranted exposure to psychotropic drugs. Psychotropic drugs can be prescribed only for medical purposes, yet foster care youth are routinely prescribed drugs for behavioral control.”
This is only a small sampling of the full report you can read at the link above. Even parents who are living in poverty are doing a better job of taking care of and raising our children. Given the overwhelming evidence of drug abuse my children would be safer living on the streets with me than in foster care as a ward of the government.
We have a God given responsibility to rear our children in love and righteousness. If we allow the state to prescribe how that is to be done our children will die at the hand of the evil that they represent.

“We’re taking away their future…By blunting their emotion, we take away children’s ability to relate to
people, to trust, love, to care for others or to put themselves in another person’s shoes to see how it feels.” —
Neuropsychologist who examined Texas records of children under state care.
This quote could not explain better the effect that these drugs had on me, and on thousands of other children in the care of the state.
This is not right. Our children are dying at the hands of those who seek to destroy not support families. Like all other evil tyrants of history they put on a nice face and earn your trust while at the same time seeking your destruction.
Protect your children. Love them. Raise them. Pray to God for help in raising your children and trust his answers even if they do not make sense. Stop putting our kids at risk and keep them where the belong at home.

3 comments on “STATE SANCTION MURDER!!!

  1. I appreciate the heart you have for this topic, Andrew. You know, both through your own childhood and Mary-Ann’s how badly the system can fail.
    A few things come to mind.
    1. Because of privacy laws, the gov’t can never disclose the circumstances a social worker saw as being the reason for an apprehension. Parents only see through their own eyes, and it’s hard to admit how badly you’re struggling. There are always 2 sides to an apprehension story, and sometimes the gov’t is right in taking action. Sometimes they’re wrong.
    2. The number reflects any child who at some point had a child welfare file, even if it was closed. I don’t think they should be counted as being murdered by our leaders. Of those 741 children, the majority were out of care and back home, or over 18 when they died.
    3. Most important, and I know you’ll agree with me, is that we need to be putting our energy into raising stable children who can become strong adults and maintain healthy families. Looking back doesn’t fix anything. We need to start at the beginning, and for you and me, it’s with Christ as the head of the home.
    How to make that happen is a whole other discussion! I guess we start one by one, child by child, marriage by marriage.
    I’m so glad you have such a passion for children, and that you’re the husband to my niece, and dad to my grand-nieces. You are an awesome family, and I’m very proud of you!


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