A recent story from the Edmonton Sun (http://www.edmontonsun.com/2014/02/07/mayor-rob-ford-wants-pride-flag-taken-down) gets me just a bit annoyed and frustrated. Now before all the haters start getting on my case because I know there will be some I AM NOT ANTI GAY!!  I repeat I AM NOT ANTI GAY!!. I believe LGBT people have as much rights as anyone else. There lifestyle choices have no impact on me, my wife, my faith or my family.

The LGBT community has won is recognition and acceptance. To constantly flaunt it in the public sphere is simply put inappropriate and wrong. If your are LGBT YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AND RESPECTED. Rob Ford makes a good point. Olympics are not about gay pride, they are about patriotism and support of ALL athletes. Strait or gay. So why must we flaunt this just because Russia is perceived to be anti gay?

The constant in your face attitude we get from this community is enough to drive anyone crazy. Politicians are expected to take part in gay pride parades and then criticized when they don’t. They are labelled as anti gay. Haters, bigots, discriminators so forth and so on.

Now imagine for a second if someone were to fly a straight pride flag in a public building like city hall. Perhaps something like this one here.

straight pride flag

Or imagine if someone were to start a straight pride parade something like this


There would be riots in the street. Anger and hostility. News outlets would be harping on this story all day. How dare they flaunt there straight pride. That is so offensive. How dare you force your beliefs on me!. How could you possibly do that it is so cruel and mean. You have violated my human rights as a LGBT person. You disgust me. Your a bigot. You are hateful. You have no tolerance…..You get the picture. How do I know that this would be the result? Because I have been the victim of such comments for daring to say something like this “I believe that marriage is the union of 1 man and 1 woman”

Funny how anything that is pro straight or perceived to be anti gay is extremely controversial and offensive. I am not allowed to have my God in schools and public offices but you can flaunt your sexuality for all the world to see as long as it is LGBT in any place you want. I am discriminating against you if I don’t support or agree with you and the LGBT view points, Yet I am forced to accept you and your views and if I don’t I will be hated upon, pressured and harassed. Who is really forcing who to accept there beliefs?

The sad truth is the ones who spend there time demanding tolerance and acceptance are the ones who are the most intolerant and accepting of views and feelings contrary to there own.

The Olympics are not about LGBT rights. They are about as Rob ford stated patriotism, ones sexuality has nothing to do with that in anyway, yet the LGBT community would make it an issues and politicize it.

I have no issue with LGBT people. I work with some and get along with them quite well, even the those who know my views. There are many LGBT people that are quite respectful of differing views and opinions on the matter.

When any organization is meant to represent the people ie city hall or other government offices they have an obligation to remain neutral on any issues not directly related to there jurisdiction or within there scope of authority. Toronto city hall represent the people of Toronto. I have my doubts that everyone who lives in Toronto supports LGBT community. When a public entity such city hall fly the flag they are declaring there support on behalf of every citizen they have jurisdiction over. Because not everyone believes in God, Christ, or has a religion it is considered very inappropriate to have bibles, mangers scenes at Christmas and other such religious symbols in city hall and other public places. This is considered “forcing my religion on others”. So how is flying the gay pride flag not “forcing your sexuality on me”

As a culture we have become so obsessed with political correctness we embrace and publicly flaunt everything that is anti Christs Gospel and shame, hate, riot over everything that is Christ gospel. All this over fear of offending someone. If your so easily offended because someone has a different opinion on any given issue then it is you not the one who disagrees with you that has the problem.

I can’t emphasize enough how much I DO NOT  have a problem with LGBT athletes. Their sexuality has nothing to do with representing our country at the Olympic games. I personally support ALL athletes regardless of their sexual orientation. Though i’m sure some of you who read this won’t care about that only that I don’t support the raising of a pride flag in a public sphere.

Private company’s like Google have changed there banners to support the LGBT community


I have no problem with that. Why, because they are a private company and represent themselves NOT the public. Private businesses and organization can support anything, anyone, any sexuality, religion, race … they want in any fashion they want and I will not have a problem with it because they DO NOT represent the public, they represent themselves.

So go ahead haters. Hate me for what I have said. Say the most vicious hateful things you can imagine. Comment on this post and I will even approve it so everyone else who reads it can see just how hateful you can be to those who disagree with you. Because it won’t be me that is intolerant, bigoted, hateful, discriminating it will be you.

I have respect and tolerance for everyone regardless of there sexuality. My personal religious views aside I am not hateful, just tired of having the LGBT community flaunting about their sexuality while condemning me for having a different opinion. I probably never would of written this if the media did not bring attention to it.

I will end by saying yet again I have no hatred, only respect for all athletes regardless of sexual orientation. I don’t believe in discriminating against LGBT people. I do not believe in hating them. I believe in loving them. You don’t need to fly a flag to do that. We should take pride in the fact that we are sending LGBT athletes to Russia despite the Russian governments stance on LGBT community. We don’t need to publicly flaunt there sexuality to do that.




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