Yes I did just say that, you are not entitled to anything

en·ti·tle·ment: the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges)

We live in a time when a sense of entitlement has run rampant in our culture. We believe in having everything given to us without having to work for it. One of the Biggest things we seem to feel we have an entitlement to is a right to not be offended. We are entitled to everyone agreeing with our opinion. We seem to believe that we are entitled to not be offended by the remarks of someone who disagrees with you. If you offend someone who is a member of a minority group you may find yourself being hauled before a human rights commission pseudo court for your remarks because you have somehow violated there rights to not be offended.

We have this ideal that we are entitled to everything, a job, post secondary education, a house and we get angry and blame the rich for our woes. Well God has made clear his feelings on this ideology. Doctrine and Covenants 56:17

Wo unto you apoor men, whose hearts are not broken, whose spirits are not contrite, and whose bellies are not satisfied, and whose hands are not stayed from laying hold upon other men’s goods, whose eyes are full of bgreediness, and who will not clabor with your own hands!

This is so much more than just a recommendation. God has made it clear that we are to work for our own good and not just expect that all things will be handed to us. We have people condemning the rich simply because they are rich. They say this is simply not fair and right that they should have so much more money than the rest of us, yet they are unwilling to work for it.

Many believe they are entitled to free services and make demands of companies due to a perceived wrong. I work in customer service and sales and have been yelled at numerous times because as a business we won’t just hand over things for free. I have often heard the cry “I should get this for free”, “I am entitled to this” “How dare you make me pay for this, your a rich company give it to me for free”, “your forcing me to pay for this against my will, I deserve to have it”

The fact is we are not entitled to anything. Nothing. Nada. The only things we deserve are the things we are willing to work for. It can be a challenging, but that is the way God has designed it. No one is entitled to an education. You must be willing to pay for it. No one is entitled to health care you must be willing to pay for it. No one is entitled to food you must be willing to pay for it.

There is a big difference between entitled to things and things that are needs. For example you are not entitled to have food from Safeway or another grocery store. Food is a need but you are not entitled to free food just because you cannot afford to buy it. Charity is important but that does not by default mean that those receiving it are entitled to it. To say that is to say that no one should have to work for a living and that food should just be handed to you at the expense of others who worked to produce it. Even if you produce your own food you are not entitled to it, you have earned it through your hard work.

If you build your own house then you have earned the right to live there due to your hard work. This is not an entitlement it is the result of hard work and dedication. You are not entitled to live anywhere, you must be willing to work to pay the price of having a home. There are many who struggle and live in poverty and are homeless. They must be willing to work hard to get out of there situations. We should help them in what ever ways that we can, but if they are unwilling to work for a living then they should not expect to be rewarded with a home that someone else worked to build, you must pay to live there.

Entitlement is not just for those of us who are poor and cannot afford the luxury’s that life has to offer. We have corporate executives taking in huge bonuses in addition to multimillion dollar salary’s. We have politicians living lives of the rich and famous at the expense of citizens tax dollars. such as Alison Redford. See this news story here ”

Elder Dallin H Oaks of the quorum of the 12 Apostles has said

“The worldly aspiration of our day is to get something for nothing. The ancient evil of greed shows its face in the assertion of entitlement: I am entitled to this or that because of who I am—a son or a daughter, a citizen, a victim, or a member of some other group. Entitlement is generally selfish. It demands much, and it gives little or nothing. Its very concept causes us to seek to elevate ourselves above those around us. This separates us from the divine, evenhanded standard of reward that when anyone obtains any blessing from God, it is by obedience to the law on which that blessing is predicated

“The effects of greed and entitlement are evident in the multimillion-dollar bonuses of some corporate executives. But the examples are more widespread than that. Greed and ideas of entitlement have also fueled the careless and widespread borrowing and excessive consumerism behind the financial crises that threaten to engulf the world.

“The values of the world wrongly teach that “it’s all about me.” That corrupting attitude produces no change and no growth. It is contrary to eternal progress toward the destiny God has identified in His great plan for His children. The plan of the gospel of Jesus Christ lifts us above our selfish desires and teaches us that this life is all about what we can become.”

Entitlement is simply put not about fair share and equality it is about greed. It is about Coveting which the Lord has said “thou shalt not covet”. It is selfish and about getting something for nothing.

From a Globe and mail article we read

“The entitlement mindset didn’t come from nowhere. It came from us. It came from a generation of adults who believed that kids should never be allowed to fail, or told the truth about their abilities, or learn that getting what you want is sometimes hard. On top of that, we have the modern fallacy of higher education – much beloved of politicians, who believe the acquisition of a BA is a sort of alchemy that can transform intellectual dross into gold and ensure that everyone, no matter how inert, can succeed in the knowledge economy.”

I don’t think I could of put it any better than that. The entitlement attitude serves no benefit to society. Imagine for a minute if everyone decided that they were no longer entitled to anything. Everyone started working for a living. Productivity would increase exponentially. The economy would become stronger than it ever has in the past. We would be better off as a people and drastically increase our quality of life. The number of welfare recipients would drop dramatically. The Need for welfare and social services programs would decrease to the point they would barley be needed if at all. I imagine the overall health of the population would be drastically improved. We would have thousands of more dollars in our savings accounts and overall would be a happy and more productive people.

Our school system has expertise in training these entitled children. Participation awards are handed out like candy to any child who bothers to show up. Many schools have a no 0 policy effectively telling kids if you don’t do the work that is O.K. you wont be graded on it. You only get graded on the work that you do. valentines day is coming up pretty soon. If my daughter brings valentines to class she will be required to give one to everyone lest someone feel left out or unloved.

It is because of this ideology that we have the entitlement attitude of today with our youth and even some older generations. Children should not be rewarded just for showing up. That is a basic expectation. Olympians don’t get a medal just for showing up at the Olympics so why do we reward children just for showing up at school? I remember as a kid getting a participation ribbon just for showing up at school during track and field day. I never legitimately won anything in my life during my school days but I was rewarded constantly just for showing up.

Children have been taught that 50% or even less effort will lead to success. A child that gets a grade of 0% is passed up to the next grade because “that is not a reflection of what they know and understand” as I have had it explained to me in the past. What is the point of having a grading system if children will be sent to the next grade level, and if grades are not a accurate reflection of there ability and understanding? Why grade at all?

The real world shock is a hard lesson to learn for many, the result of how our education system works is a sense of entitlement because they have been taught that everything will be given to them if they just show up for the first 18 years of there life. Is it any wonder that so many young adults have no skills, no education and no jobs? Is it any wonder that youth unemployment rates hover around 5% higher than the national average. So many of them just expect to have a job and career handed to them. Spend there time in college and university taking courses with no career potential then get a shock when the realized the real world rewards those with skills and experience. They just can’t understand it because they spent the first 12 years of there education being taught that they are special and perfect they way they are, they don’t have to work because they will be passed up to the next grade regardless of how well they have performed. “No child left behind” has created generations of kids that now believe that just showing up is all they need to do because work is not values, just being there is good enough.

We have thousands of high school graduates that only know how to communicate in text short form and via twitter because they have been taught that it does not matter if they know anything only that they showed up for class. Then the real world sets in and suddenly they don’t understand why it is not being handed to them on a silver platter.

We must teach our kids that they are entitled to nothing. Everything in life must be earned and you must work hard to achieve it. Simply showing up is not good enough. We need to stop teaching kids that, and start teaching them that entitlement is greed, selfishness, and a product of Satan’s ideology.

My kids know that I only praise them for a job well done. They Don’t get rewarded for simply standing in the kitchen for example, they get rewarded for cleaning the kitchen and cleaning it well, not a half job.

Teach the kids correct principals and they will not depart from it.

By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals