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This recent article from the Edmonton Sun (http://www.edmontonsun.com/2014/02/13/porn-addiction-doesnt-exist-us-researcher-says) has declared the Pornography is not addictive and not a problem. The basis of this claim is that there is not enough conclusive evidence and the research was done on a faulty premise, so we can come to no other conclusion other than Pornography addiction does not exist and it is not real. It never ceases to amaze me how scientist around the world believe they can prove something does not exist simply on lack of evidence of its existence. I’m not out to prove that Pornography is addictive. But I am out to explained why it is dangerous and wrong.

Pornography: Any form of media that has been specifically designed and targeted to arouse sexual fantasy in either gender often leading to masturbation and unrealistic expectations of sexual relationships.

Pornography is a evil and malicious tumor more widespread and effecting more people than cancer. The pornography industry is a 97 billion dollar industry (http://www.cnbc.com/id/101326937), that is more than twice the revenue in a year that the top 8 cancer drugs world wide are projected to have in sales by the year 2018.  (43,621,000,000 projected sales). (http://www.statista.com/statistics/288552/top-cancer-drugs-based-on-revenue-forecast-worldwide/) Big pharma would do well to to “discover” a treatment and cash in on this industry.

I have seen the addictive effects of pornography on peoples lives. I have had conversations with customers who complain they cannot pay there bill in full and have yelled at me in desperation to turn there service back on. saying things like “you don’t understand I need my TV service back on, can you at least turn the video on demand back on” This from a customer who just paid 800.00 down on his bill but still owed over 2,000 dollars in porn on demand, not including all his other charges. This is over the course of 2 months. That is well over 100 porn movies a month. This type of behavior is a clear indicator that this persons habits were out of control. This person was desperate for his service back so he could continue ordering pornography on demand. It had taken control of him.

Pornography invades our society and is more prevalent than the most virulent cancers known to man. It warps our sense of sex and intimacy and takes something beautiful and turns it into nothing more than selfish personal gratification. “perfect” manufactured women are put on display for the lusts of man. Whether pornography is addictive or not is beside the point. It warps our sense of sexuality and affects our relationships with our spouses. Pornography destroys marriages and how we view our spouses.

In discussing the issue of pornography with some friends they have pointed out that some couples use pornography as a marital aide. I can’t argue the morality of that or whether that is good for them personally or not. But generally I would feel that if you rely on unrealistic depictions of sex to get you to enjoy the pleasures of marriage then I don’t think pornography is aiding your marriage but rather your marriage has become dependent on watching other people have sex and that is not a good thing either. While both partners may not have a problem with pornography in such a case Gods law is clear. Sexual relations are to be had only with those we are legally and lawfully wed, when pornography is used a marital aide in the way my co worker has stated then the porn actors have now become part of that relationship. If any partner or both in a marriage relationship needs to look at pictures or watch movies of other people having sex just to get aroused enough to have sex with your partner there are, I believe more serious issues in your relationship than lack of sex. When we truly love our partners there is no other person no matter how attractive they are made out to look, no matter how erotic they are, will ever be as attractive to you than your spouse.

While looking up info for this post I came across a blog that had some good info detailing 7 negative effects of porn. (https://theresurgence.com/2011/11/19/7-negative-effects-of-porn) here is what the resurgence had to say along with some of my own thoughts on some of the points they have highlighted

Pornography contributes to psychological issues with men. It can lead to men becoming controlling and demanding of there spouses and comparing them to porn actresses and severe depression from feelings of extreme guilt and low self esteem. even comparing themselves to those in the films.

Pornography re – wires your brain and changes how you associated with those of the opposite sex. Each exposure creates a new neuro pathway and widens ones that already exists. The images become burned into your brain, As a result you can begin to associate orgasm with pornography which only helps to strengthen your need for it as the orgasm becomes the reinforcer for the behavior. As a result men can’t or only with extreme difficulty associate there wives with the orgasm and as a result feel the need to turn to pornography to achieve that end.

Pornography leads to masturbation. It is self serving and selfish. It’s not about your partner in life it’s about your base desires and need to fulfill you own selfishness without thought or regard to your partner or how they may feel about it.

Pornography has the effect of demeaning and objectifying women in a way that harms them that can never be reversed. Women and girls especially are bombarded with sexed up versions of women that constantly pressure them to be like that porn star or super model. Men begin to see women as nothing more than a pair of breasts and a vagina that are there for there own personal pleasures. Young girls can try to live up to these expectations and when they fail they lose there own self esteem and become depressed themselves.

Pornography fails to truly highlight the beauty of a woman’s body, Rather makes it ugly transformed by plastic and implants. Often airbrushed and transformed into a completley different image creating false beauty and unrealistic expectations. During the Renaissance many paintings and pictures depicted the human body in its naked form, it was a display of beauty and love rather than exploitative sex and manipulation in its ugliest form.

Richard G Scott said in October 2009

Satan has become a master at using the addictive power of pornography to limit individual capacity to be led by the Spirit. The onslaught of pornography in all of its vicious, corroding, destructive forms has caused great grief, suffering, heartache, and destroyed marriages. It is one of the most damning influences on earth. Whether it be through the printed page, movies, television, obscene lyrics, vulgarities on the telephone, or flickering personal computer screen, pornography is overpoweringly addictive and severely damaging. This potent tool of Lucifer degrades the mind and the heart and the soul of any who use it. All who are caught in its seductive, tantalizing web and remain so will become addicted to its immoral, destructive influence. For many, that addiction cannot be overcome without help. The tragic pattern is so familiar. It begins with curiosity that is fueled by its stimulation and is justified by the false premise that when done privately, it does no harm to anyone else. For those lulled by this lie, the experimentation goes deeper, with more powerful stimulation, until the trap closes and a terribly immoral, addictive habit exercises its vicious control.

The church has set up a website to help you if you are struggling with pornography or any one you may know who is in need of help.


Whether addictive or not, pornography is still harmful and dangerous not just to us but those involved. It affects our personal relationships and not for the better.



  1. I agree with your post. My first marriage was destroyed because of pornography. As a woman, I can see how pornography has shaped my own identity (even though I never have participated in it). Our society has become so pornographic that it has skewed the reality of womanhood, manhood, sexuality, love, and marriage.

    I really can’t think of anything worse for our society than pornography has been. It is, like Gordon B. Hinckley said so long ago, like a plague.


    • thanks for reading, I’m sorry to hear that your first marriage was lost due to pornography, glad i could take the time to write about this evil influence and hope that you are never hurt by this again


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