I have long been a fan of Michael Jackson, his music is inspiring, his dancing in amazing and there is a reason he is one of the best selling musicians of all times. One of his songs Why you wanna trip on me serves as the inspiration for this blog entry.

The gist of the song is that there are so many problems in this world yet we are stuck on what every celebrity is doing. Who divorced who. What Justin Bieber is doing. Who is wearing what to the Oscars.

We have so much in this world that is worth our time yet we spend so many hours devoted to worthless news and other forms of media that does not have any importance at all.

Michael Jackson puts it very well in this song

We’ve got more problems
Than we’ll ever need
You got gang violence
And bloodshed on the street
You got homeless people
With no food to eat
With no clothes on their back
And no shoes for their feet

We’ve got drug addiction
In the minds of the weak
We’ve got so much corruption
Police brutality
We’ve got streetwalkers
Walkin’ into darkness
Tell me, what are we doing
To try to stop this?

While all these problems are happening in our world we spend our time on celebrity gossip and worthless reality T.V. that glorifies a lack of morality and evil. Weird Al make a great parody of this cultural obsession withe the private lives of celebrities

This is mainly the biggest reason why I stopped watching the “news” because so much of it is of non importance. As an example here are some headlines from this non news that we spend so much time hearing about.

– Actress reveals surprising health diagnosis

– Oprah to Lindsay Lohan cut the bull****

– Bieber tattoo pics released by cops

– Katy Perry gives up alcohol to be in top shape

– Mcconaughey’s T shirts alright

Celebrity gossips is what our “news” media has deteriorated to while the important news gets either no coverage at all or little coverage by comparison. Our cultural obsession with celebrity gossip has distracted us from real meaningful news and information that could have some impact on our lives.

We need to shift our focus to spending time on things that matter, family, the gospel and charity, helping others. More and more I avoid the nightly news reports as I feel that I am just wasting an hour of my time that could be better spent.

So what should we be focused on. Our lives can certainly get busy at times. We want to know what is going on in the world, that’s why we pay attention to the “news”. I can honestly tell you that since I have stopped watching the news every night and spending less time in front of the T.V I feel like I have been spending more time with my kids. At least paying more attention to them. I find myself getting more sleep and generally happier person.

So why do you want to spend your time tripping on celebrity gossip when there is so much more for you to be doing. God put us here on this earth to grow and progress. How does celebrity gossip help us progress to be more spiritual people and individuals? The thing is that it is not just “news media” much of our T.V. programing is filled with so called “reality” T.V.

I have some ideas however that may help us to get away from this entertainment we call “news”

First turn off the T.V. It’s amazing what can happen when you just shut off the T.V.. I used to spend my days off sitting in front of the T.V. for hours. 4-8 hours a day in fact. I found myself getting lethargic, tired, sleeping all day in some cases. The house was a mess. The kids were getting into trouble, the laundry was not getting done. Meanwhile I would just sit there doing nothing oblivious to the world around me. Turning off the T.V. has given me a reason to be active. I find my self actually playing with the kids more on my day off. We go out and spend more time with the family. I find that I am able to read more something I really enjoy doing. You can view my book reviews at http://andrewsbookreviews.wordpress.com/

Second, pay attention to your children. Play with them. Love them. Teach them. Help them. Children are the heritage of the Lord and have been given into our care. Lets actually take the time to care for them. Read to them. I am not even close to doing this as much as I know I should however I have created more time that I can do this with them.

Third. Be active with your family when possible. This summer from at least may 1 – sept 30th we hope to be more active outdoors. We will be riding our bikes everywhere including church. Grocery shopping if possible, Biking to the library and swimming pools and other activity’s. Last year we spent much of the summer at home not doing anything. In a winter climate like Edmonton where temperatures can dip to below -40 with the windchill’s it is not always easy to be active during the winter months. We tend to stay inside and keep warm huddled in front of the T.V.  Spring to fall however is much different and we should work hard to be active during that time of year.

Fourth. Take time every day to simply unplug from digital media and limit the amount of Time you spend attached to electronics and other forms of digital media. Take the time to just wind down without the distraction of glaring computer monitors and electronic noise. Much of what is on the T.V. these days is mind numbing crap sold to the masses as entertainment and reality. All you have to do is look at some of the shows on popular T.V Networks to see what I am talking about.

1Girl 5 Gays, 16 and Pregnant 1 2 and 3, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, MY 5 Wives, Hoarding, Maury Povich, desperate house wives ….. None of these shows contribute to the good of our society, everyone one of them glorifies the suffering and immorality of the world.

I hope and pray that we are spending our time on those things which are meaningful and contribute to a good life instead of wasting our time with mind dumbing entertainment and calling it time well spent. Our media can be a good way to take a break from the stresses of life. I do not mean to say that T.V. is bad and should not be used at all we should be using media in proper moderation. It does not have to contribute to our spirituality all the time but we should ask our selves, is the amount of time I am spending with different forms of media preventing me from having a meaningful life and happiness, does it help me grow and learn or does it mentally numb me to the realities of what is truly important. Does it inhibit me or enable me?

So ask yourself is the amount of time you are spending on mass media good for you?


By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals