We live in a world that has been divided up and classified by race, gender, sexual orientation. We have laws in place that segregate and give special treatment to you if you happen to be classified as one of these minorities. Businesses and government organizations brag about the diversity in there work place. This is really just code for hiring less qualified people over more qualified people to meet there “diversity” mandate. 2 candidates will be interviewed for a job and the one who fits the minority bill is the one who gets the job because they are woman, gay, Muslim or Islam or other minority or special interest group.

Ironically, in the end this is a form of racism and sexism rather than true unbiased, non discriminating hiring practices. For example often women will have a lower standard of fitness and physical standards for jobs such as police and fire fighter. This is praised as a good thing in the name of equality, but is it really equality when one gender is held to a lower standard compared the other simply to ensure a diversity and non discriminating hiring practice? should not the minimum employment standards be the same for everyone?

This goes beyond just “diversity” hiring practices in both the public and private sector however. Our governments has passed and created laws that cater to the “minority” and have the effect of segregating them and rather than viewing them as equal. This has the effect of giving them special treatment because of there “minority status”. Some examples of this would be if a gay person or ethnic minority becomes a victim of crime by someone who does not fit the minority bill the crime is almost always labelled as a “hate crime.”

In Canada the Indian act is one of the biggest examples of racist laws that in this case is actually racist against the natives. The Indian act outlines how the reserves systems is to work. It states that a Indian on reserve cannot own land, Cannot buy sell or trade without the states consent. The natives chiefs get to distribute the cash as they see fit with no accountability leaving in to many cases corruption and rather large pay checks for the chiefs and Councillors. In some cases these pay cheques are well in excess of mayors for comparable city sizes, and well more than some mayors in places like Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. All this at the expense of there citizens who suffer neglect, gang warfare, lack of education and sanitation and poverty which is most prevalent in the native communities. This is a direct result of the Indian act and has destroyed the very people whose leaders continue to uphold it. Often we are labelled racist for even daring to suggest that the Indian act is racist against them. It benefits the few at the expense of the many.

It does not stop there, the human rights commissions in this country have a near perfect track record of prosecuting and finding guilty people who have committed “hate crimes” against a minority for simply speaking there mind or some other perceived act against someone because of their minority status. on the opposite side of that every case brought against a minority by someone who is not classified as a minority has failed to successfully bring charges against the minority.

The whole point is that the concept of a minority is a man made concept and not in harmony with the gospel of Christ, and not in line with how God views each and every one of us. It has also had the effect of causing division and strife among us. Because of man made ideology we have many employers who now not only have to ensure they are hiring a minimum percentage of minorities but also have to take extra precautions if they choose to fire someone who fits the minority bill for fear of being sued.

God however see’s things differently. While he has had his chosen people before, the Jews being the most famous of these people he has never discriminated or classified people based on race, sex, disability, sexual orientation. You could reasonably argue that God has favored the Jews in the past and to some extent you may argue that he still does in the books of prophecy found in the books of revelations, however all who embrace the gospel receive the same blessings as any of God’s chosen people. God does not make special rules for others who wish to join his gospel based on what minority they fall into. All are welcome and the expectations are the same no matter what category the world would put you in.

Any member of the church is either blessed or or suffers equally due to sin regardless of any minority group they may be part of. Within the church there are openly gay bishops and other church leaders. They are treated with equality and held to the same standard as any one else in the church. If he lives the standards he is welcome in full fellowship. If he does not he is dis-fellowshiped or ex- communicated if the crime is serious enough. There is never at any point any questions when it comes to dealing with members of the church or prospective members, asking about or relating to personal minority status.

God does not look at that, he does not even see it because we are all children of God. He loves each and everyone one of us without consideration, without condition. Because we are all children of God the only ethnicity as far as god is concerned is our divine heritage as children of God. It’s where we come from, It’s who we are.

I have been asked before why the church does not have any “minorities” in the leadership of the church. The answer is simple, because God does not see minorities, all are equal before them and there nationality, gender, or other factors like unto it are not a consideration for leadership. This is not discrimination, it is God giving the job to the most qualified candidate regardless of any other factor. Worthiness is the top factor in determining who serves where in the church.

God loves all and does not discriminate, the world discriminates by creating laws and rules to provide special treatment to individuals based on factors they cannot control, it is the law of man that does not treat everyone equally. As far as God is concerned there are no minorities and I agree with him.

By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals