I am an alien. I am quite far from home trying to get back to where I came from. I don’t remember much about home but what I do know is that this world was not where I first came to be. My memory of home has faded to the point that I can no longer remember even the slightest detail of what It was like. I do know that I long to be there once again. My father sent me here,  however he did not leave me alone and without help to return to him. He arranged for some books to tell me why he sent me here as he knew that I would not remember much of home on the long voyage to earth and back. I know that my home is a place called Kolob. He told me a little bit about it in a book he provided for me to read while I am here.

I know that Kolob is the greatest of the stars  “13 And he said unto me: This is Shinehah, which is the sun. And he said unto me: Kokob, which is star. And he said unto me: Olea, which is the moon. And he said unto me: Kokaubeam, which signifies stars, or all the great lights, which were in the firmament of heaven.” “16 If atwo things exist, and there be one above the other, there shall be greater things above them; therefore bKolob is the greatest of all the Kokaubeam that thou hast seen, because it is nearest unto me.” (Abraham chapter 3 13,16)

I don’t know where kolob is or how far away it is. But I know that it is my home.

My father and God has not left me here to perish but has given me a road map to help me get back to my true home and world. Sometimes the map is not so easy to read and I get frustrated, take a wrong turn. Make mistakes. Thankfully though he sent another of his sons to provide guidance to understanding the map that we have been given. Through his Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) we are able to learn how to read the map of life before embarking on our return journey. Sadly much of this document has been distorted and changed and there are so many confusing and conflicting interpretations.

Lucky for us we have a way to alleviate the confusion. We have been given prayer to communicate with our Father over the vast distances of interstellar space and time and have been provided with a means of clarification of the map back home originally given to us as the BIBLE.

Through God’s communications system we have prophets and apostles and the book of Mormon (the Material and Opportunity to Resolve Misunderstanding On kNowledge) With this guide as a clarification on the road map given by our father to return to him we have the chance to find our way home.

But beyond this sacred text we also have Temples where our Father in heaven has provided the sacred opportunity to finalize our means of return home. With the knowledge gained in the temple we can have a clear guide to find our way home.

This is a long journey filled with risks, dangers but also with the opportunity for growth, love and eternal happiness. May god bless us all on our journey through mortality and back home.


By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals