As I have been reading earlier issues of church magazines I have come across a statement from the First presidency of the church from July 1971 New Era which states

“Sex Education. The First Presidency’s statement regarding sex education being taught in the schools is as follows: “We believe that serious hazards are involved in entrusting to the schools the teaching of this vital and important subject to our children. This responsibility cannot wisely be left to society, nor the schools; nor can the responsibility be shifted to the Church. It is the responsibility of parents to see that they fully perform their duty in this respect.” – July 1971 New Era

To be honest this is something I have felt for quite some time but had no idea that the leadership of the church had even spoken directly to sex education being taught in public schools. I have learned much about what is taught and can see the clear wisdom and forethought this statement has from 43 years ago.

Our public educations system is teaching our children in a way that severely goes against the doctrine of Christ in so many ways. Take a look at this text book from a Tennessee elementary school. This is teaching elementary age kids how to masturbate.


This is only one example of the corrupt values of secular society being taught in our public schools. Ontario has had some serious concerns raised by parents over it’s sex ed curriculum, “It is unconscionable to teach eight-year-old children same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Charles McVety, head of the Canada Christian College. “It is even more absurd to subject sixth graders to instruction on the pleasures of masturbation, vaginal lubrication, and 12-year-olds to lessons on oral sex and anal intercourse.” There lessons don’t just teach gender identity but teach kids to question there own gender identity contrary to the physical evidence. They have been taught to question the obvious. Taught how to engage in sexual activity and be promiscuous as a healthy way of life.

Gordon B Hinckley late prophet of the church said in the April 1987 ensign of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

“There is a philosophy among large numbers of people that sex education in our schools is the answer to the terrible problems of teenage pregnancies, abortions, and other grievous matters.

I am not disposed to discuss in this forum the merits or otherwise of sex education in the public schools. But in passing, I am inclined to agree with one who was recently quoted in the newspaper USA Today: “More sex education in public schools will not reverse the damaging legacy of the sexual revolution unless the clear message is premarital chastity and marital monogamy.”

This writer continues: “There are many defects in sex education courses. The philosophy behind them is to ridicule chastity, scoff at fidelity, and glamorize sexual adventurism. They teach there is no such thing as right and wrong. …

“Thirty years of advocating sexual liberation has brought raging venereal diseases and rampant teenage pregnancy. …

“Most sex education in the public schools morally disarms the students rather than giving them moral sensitivity to help them make the proper sexual choices. …

“Sex education fights the modesty and morality endemic to human life” (Tottie Ellis, “Teaching about Sex Endangers Children,” 16 Mar. 1987, p. 12A).

Is this really what we want to be teaching our children. This is not an easy topic for many parents to broach with there children. It can be uncomfortable to discuss and many can be embarrassed by such topics. Whatever our comfort level on this issue we cannot allow society to be our children’s educators on this issue.

My Oldest daughter is now 10, she will be joining the young woman’s program next year when she turns 12. She is certainly on the verge of entering a vital period of development in her life. She is going to be if not already, bombarded with messages regarding her sexuality through school, media, and peer pressure. Our media treats sex like it is meaningless, much of the humor at comedy clubs is vulgar and profane and sexualized. More and more our children are being sexualized through media and our public education systems. Social media has created a new wave of peer pressure that has contributed to this hyper sexualized culture. Is this the society and culture we want to be teaching our children about sex? I would hope your answer is adamantly no.

Two many parents won’t or can’t take the time to teach their children the basic fundamentals of human sexuality. This is where we have failed as a culture and it has resulted in our public school systems teaching sex ed and many people feeling that this is now needed, as kids won’t learn if we don’t.

I don’t believe that this feeling has any truth to it at all. For thousands upon thousands of years parents took the responsibility to teach their kids about sexuality and human reproduction. In fact parents for the first several thousand years of human civilization taught their kids this important lesson in life. Public education is still a relativity new idea in the history of mankind.

Here is something to think about. How would you respond if an adult came up to your kid and started talking to them about sex. How to masturbate. How to put on a condom. Asking them about there sexual preferences. Showing them pictures of naked people performing sex acts. Telling them to explore their sexuality. I’m Thinking you would probably be upset and likely call the police on this person. You would not accept this but we accept a teacher talking to kids about these things without hesitation. Do you have complete faith that they are teaching our kids properly about these subjects?

But that’s different you say. I don’t see it as much different. We don’t know these teachers personally, we don’t know there morals or values. We don’t know anything about them personally. Even if we did would you tolerate your personal friend or family member teaching your children about this subject? If you answer no then why do you tolerate a stranger at your child’s school to teach them on this subject matter? Last year my daughters teacher did not teach this subject but a different teacher I never had the chance to meet.

Sex education belongs in the hands of parents, not the state. This is the only effective way of ensuring that children are taught proper morals and ethics surrounding this topic. It is the only way we can ensure children are taught to understand the sacredness of sex and the importance of respecting it and not to abuse it.

In our home we are very open about the topic of sex. We en devour to treat it with respect while not keeping secretive. We are open about it and do not shy away from talking about it with our kids. Our oldest knows what sex is and that is why she is here today. We can talk to our kids about this topic without hiding it in the shadows. We need to be open and behave like it is normal and not embarrassing. We have tried in our home to make sex a normal thing and not something to be whispered about. We believe that the topic of sex should be talked about no differently that any gospel topic or any other aspect of life. Talk about it with your kids, treat it as a normal thing and teach proper use and morals surrounding it. No different than the way you might talk about what type of media or language you should use.

God has given us a sacred responsibility to raise and teach our children the gospel of Christ. Sex is an important part of that gospel. We have been commanded to have sex in order to “multiply and replenish the earth” We should treat it no differently than any other commandment. We teach our kids the law of God so why do we hesitate to teach our kids about sex and God’s law pertaining to it? If we fail to do so the responsibility will be on our heads not the state. In a secular and ever increasing evil world we cannot have any hope that our children will be taught properly in this most important topic.

Let me know what you think. Do you allow your children to be taught in the schools about sex? what are you thoughts or concerns on the sex ed curriculum in your area?

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  1. I heard that story about that book being taught in Tennessee schools was an exaggerated rumor, that it was one time brought up for consideration but ultimately rejected. That being said, I agree wholeheartedly – a lot of dangerous things are being taught in the name of “sex ed” in our public schools that are downright harmful to kids and society in general. Even more disturbing is the normalization of certain things and acts we consider abnormal or undesirable as Church members, things that are taught to impressionable adolescents, pre-adolescents, and teens who aren’t able to fully understand the emotional, moral, and social ramifications at their age, let alone how to wisely exercise their free agency. What’s happening is such things like homosexuality and oral sex have become fads amongst our youth, who have no clue as to the long-term and unintended consequences of messing with such things at an immature age. It really is up to us as parents to teach our kids the right things, else public schools will teach them the wrong things, and society and the family will continue to deteriorate.


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