BABY KILLING $0.00, NEW BABY $7,750-$12,500


There is a pandemic of lack of morals running rampant through our culture. Human life has become meaningless while in the same breath we will speak about the value of life and ask that it be respected. We pretend to value life while at the same time take no thought for ending it in a viscous and brutal manor in the same breath. Through our tax dollars we are forced to fund those things which we oppose on a moral, ethical, religious basis.

The practice of abortion kills over 80,000 babies every year in this country. The vast majority of of which are not medically necessary procedures but rather used as a form of birth control. Our tax money is spent on this evil and morally repulsive act without our consent. We have been forced to pay for this practice and support it against our will. This has been declared woman’s rights issues. We have declared that a woman has the right murder her child and force others to pay for it at the same time. It’s Ironic that a infertile woman does not have the right to have her treatments paid for by tax payers but a fertile woman has the right to kill her baby courtesy of the tax payer.

I am very much libertarian in my views and personal beliefs. This view comes from my belief that men are at liberty to choose for themselves because of the God given free agency that we all posses. I believe that everyone has the freedom to choose for themselves any course of action they so choose so long as they are not infringing on the rights of others. And here is where the problem lies, abortion directly infringes on the right of the child to life. I’m not suggesting it should be made illegal (though I would not have a problem with that as long as there is room for flexibility) I don’t believe we have the right to enforce our moral and ethical code on others yet in allowing a woman to kill her baby we are directly infringing on the rights of the unborn child’s right to life.  A child that has been born can be placed in another home so that the mother no longer has to worry about the child. This can realistically be the best solution to this problem and moral dilemma. Sadly we don’t make it easy for parents to adopt children, while we don’t questions in any way those who become parents and keep their children yet we make parents who want to adopt go through rigerous social services screening.  Aside from being very much against abortion for moral, ethical and religious reasons, It is just as morally and ethically wrong for anyone to force anyone else to financially support any practice that goes against there personal morals and values. I believe we can find a middle ground by requireing those who want an abortion to pay for it themselves.  Yet that is not what is happening in this country as we fund abortions to the tune of 80 million a year.  Essentially we have said to every woman out there that if you want to kill your baby you can do so and we will pay for it, but if you want to have a baby your on your own.

Lets contrast that with the cost of having a baby. There are thousands of couples in this country who want to have a baby. They try for years to get pregnant with no success. As a last resort these couples will turn to private fertility clinics looking for help. These clinics often have no public funding at all. Couples will pay between $7,750-$12,500 per treatment. Having kids is expensive enough but with this added cost couples who dearly want children and can’t due to fertility issues have an added burden of paying for these services with no public support. A key part of Mormon doctrine is the importance of families. Having children is something that we have been commanded to do. We have a obligation to have kids for those that can.

Fertility centers treat about 11,000 couples per year in Canada resulting in about 3,000 live births. This is not a easy problem to treat by any means nor is it cheap. Fertility treatments in Canada are very expensive ($7,000 – $12,000) while some regions such as Quebec and Ontario will provide some cost coverage for fertility treatments there is a limit and in some cases how many treatments will be paid for and only cover certain infertility issues. In contrast there are no limits on how many abortions you can get as there are essentially no laws surround abortion in this country. This is no way encourages people to have babies.

There are no stats on how many couples who can’t have children don’t use fertility treatments. I think we can make a educated guess. There does not seem to be any stats on how many people there are of good child bearing age (i would say 20-40) that are in relationships wanting kids so we will make what I think is a reasonable estimate. There are 35,158,300 people in Canada. If half of those adults are over 18, that gives us 17,579,150 adults in Canada. If half of those adults are between 20-40 years old, a good age for having kids that means 8,789,575 of those adults are of good child rearing age. If only half of those between 20-40 are in a relationship that leaves 4,394,787 people. If half of those people want children that again leaves us with 2,197,393 people who want kids and 16% of those people are infertile that gives us 351,582 people every year wanting kids but unable to have them, with only 11,000 + fertility treatments a year according to stats we have potentially 340,582 (only 9% of Canadian population) people who want kids can’t afford or won’t pay for fertility treatments and over 80,000 on average unwanted babies a year being murdered. Does that make sense. Even if my estimate is way high and we take 50% of that final number 170,291 wanting kids that can’t have kids, we still have over 150,000 people wanting kids and over 80,000 people on average killing their kids, yet over 150,000 people a year not being able to have kids.

We have 2 strongly conflicting contrasts here that I don’t think enough people consider. We will gladly publicly subsidize the senseless and brutal murder of children and the ending of unwanted pregnancy with no laws surrounding abortion in this country at all. You don’t require any reason to have an abortion. Because of this it is regularly used as a method of birth control. There is always the “what if the mother is in danger” or “raped” or “what if the baby won’t survive” arguments. These arguments don’t hold any sway at all because well over 90% of these unwanted children are aborted as a method of birth control not for medically necessary reasons. We fund this practice to the tune of 80,000,000 a year. We could help between 6,600-11,400 couples a year have a child for that price.

On the other side of the equations we have 10’s of thousands of couples across Canada that can’t have kids and thousands paying upwards of 12,000 dollars for fertility treatments because that is not covered by most provinces health care programs. Couples take out second mortgages, loans, max out credit cards and put themselves at financial risk all for the sake of fulfilling the commands to multiply and replenish the earth. With only 3,000 lives births for every 12,000 treatments it has a proven track record of about 25% success rates. Its not about the success rate as far as funding goes. some Studies show that chemotherapy for example by itself only cures cancer 3% of the time yet we fully fund that as part of our health care system.

The Contrast of these 2 sides of the issue demonstrates a clear value system that shows that we do not value life at all. We have no or little interest in saving lives or helping in the creation of life. It shows that we would rather destroy life all under the umbrella of “pro choice” Why is it then that we fund abortions under the name of pro choice but we won’t help those who are choosing to have kids and are struggling to conceive children. If you are pro choice and believe in a womans right to choose to have a baby or not, then why do you not support funding fertility treatments to help woman who choose to have babies? I have never heard a pro choice person argue that fertility treatments should be covered because the only choice they truly care about is the chocie to murder their child. The only reason I can think of is that pro choice people don’t like the idea of paying the cost of helping others conceive children, yet they dont mind paying the cost of killing children. If you believe that you should bear the financial cost of having children  then why should others have to bear the financial cost of you ending your pregnancy. Why should I have to pay for that if you don’t have to pay for fertility treatments in others that actually want kids.



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