False beauty = misery, Divine beauty = love


A young woman stands and looks in the mirror. She looks at herself and only see’s the imperfections in her body. She thinks to herself, why can’t my stomach be flat like all my friends. Why can’t my hair be lighter? I am fat and ugly. I hate myself. If only I could be beautiful like the other girls. Why must I have so many freckles that make me look ugly? Why is my face so full of zits and pimples? If only I looked as good as the girls in those beauty magazines. She looks down at the magazine she is holding and begins to cry because she feels worthless. If only she could look like her, the one on the cover is so happy, I would be happy if only I could look like her. Maybe boys would like me more if I looked like her. Her last boyfriend broke up with her and gave some reason she could not really understand. She can’t help but wonder “Did he break up with me because I’m not attractive enough.” It had been over 6 months ago but still no one would ask her out. It’s hopeless she thinks to herself. I will never be attractive enough. Why must I be cursed with this fat body? She steps on the scale and weighs herself again, hoping against all hope that she somehow has lost weight. After all she only ate one small meal today; a couple of French fries were all she needed. She sees the number on the scale and cries even more. Still, she thinks I weigh too much. She just can’t get rid of the weight that bogs her down so much. She stuffs her bra hoping that will make her look better. Maybe someone will notice her and pay attention to her if she can at least make it look like she has bigger breasts like the girls in the magazines and on T.V. Her life is miserable and all she wants is to be better looking, that’s all that matters. She will be happy when she looks like the girls in the magazine. She spends her time reading about how to trim body fat. She reads about how to be fit and sexy. How to make him happy all in the hopes that one day she will be just like the girls in the magazine and commercials, then she will be happy. That’s all that matters in life. That’s where happiness comes from, isn’t it?

A mother with beautiful children looks into the mirror thinking I can’t lose the baby weight. Will my husband stop loving me? Does he still love me? I feel so unsexy for him. Why can’t I be as beautiful as I once was? I used to be so beautiful but now I am just fat and ugly. My husband is just too kind to say anything, but how could he possibly still love me. With despair she lifts her tummy fat thinking if only I could just be rid of this burden of baby fat. She looks at the baby magazines talking about the miracle cures for baby fat and how so many other women have lost the baby fat. She despairs because she feels she just can’t do it. She does not feel sexy and often turns her husband down for sex because of these feelings. Often stating excuses like “I’m tired” or just not in the mood. The more she looks at the baby magazines and blogs, and reads about the claims of these woman who have the lost the baby weight, the more depresses she becomes. Her husband responds to her growing lack of interest by not asking for sex and cuddles less because she pushes him away. She in turn takes this as sign that he is no longer interested in her. The magazines she reads constantly tell her that she needs to do more to get her husband’s attention and she must be perfect to keep him. They tell her that he could be cheating on her. He constantly tells her how much he loves her but can’t get close to her anymore which only contributes to her fears. He is just not that into you because of you physical appearance. If you just worked harder at being sexy and stopped letting yourself go then you would be happy again, the magazine and all the other media tells her.

These scenes play out over and over again across the world. As a father of 3 girls I fear that my girls could one day be one of these women I described. Women are consistently told through our media that they are not good enough unless they look good, have big breasts, don’t have tummy fat, have the right color hair, they must have no imperfections. Buy this, buy that, you will be happy, let me tell you how to be happy by looking as good as me the media tells them. Photo shopped airbrushed perfection showing an impossible ideal of beauty has been beat into women and girls around the world with unrelenting aggressive force that overpowers all reason. Satan has used tools of the media to infuse into young girl’s and women’s minds an unattainable ideal that can never be reached. Satan has quite successfully in many circumstances convinced women and girls to destroy themselves physically, morally, mentally and spiritually all in an effort to attain the impossible.

The media has spread the message that your self-worth is determined by a unattainable ideal of perfection that the models in the magazines and women on T.V in reality have not even achieved. Women and especially girls have been corrupted by evil and have forgotten there self-worth as divine heirs to a holy God. A friend of mine, Connie recently commented on face book.

“The last couple of days I have talked to many women who feel inadequate because they are not the weight they would like to be. I can relate as I work to shed baby weight. As women we can be so hard on ourselves.

What if we were more kind in how we talk to ourselves? What if when we looked in the mirror every time we focused on what we liked? What if we stopped comparing ourselves to those around us & started celebrating every curve and wrinkle?

After all aren’t we all striving to be healthy in body, mind & spirit? Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. It is a kindness, an acceptance, gratitude and a striving for better for the sake of being more of what we can become. More healthy, more radiant, more energetic. When I work to better myself with the right intent, I have staying power motivation.”

As women you have a divine heritage that surpasses any worldly ideal of what you should become. You are a divine daughter of God as such have sacred and holy calling. Your worth cannot be determined by the world around you. As a woman you have been sent to earth to nurture and care for God’s children. No man, under any circumstance, for any reason, or in Any condition can provide the same loving compassion and commitment that you can as a divine daughter of God. Children can only come to this world through the loving care you provide them within your womb.

Your beauty and self-worth cannot be determined by worldly means, you have inherited a beauty that goes beyond the boundaries of your mortal existence and will carry you into the realms of the divine. Your loving compassion is what makes your truly beautiful. When you look in the mirror you are looking at a reflection of the eternities, you are looking at divinity in embryo. Your true untapped beauty has not yet been truly discovered but has a truly unique and divine potential that you can never fully comprehend or realized in this world.

When God created the world he put a supreme effort into all that he created. He worked tirelessly to bring about a creation, wanting it to be the perfect place for man to progress and grow in the gospel, eventually to inherit their divine potential as heirs in the kingdom of God. God did not pronounce his creation good and complete till women were created. When you look into the mirror ask your self would God finish his perfect creation with something that is ugly and undesirable.

Let me assure you, you are a divine daughter of God. You are beautiful and very much desirable. The false beauty of the world is ugly, repulsive and evil. It is designed to degrade your self-worth and destroy you from the outside in. Physical beauty is only skin deep and no real man would care about skin deep beauty.

Take care of yourself, love yourself and be the best you can be. Love yourself without being overly vain and prideful. Be confident in your own unique beauty and do not let the worldly ideals of false and misplaced beauty determine your self-worth. A real man will love you without the false pretense of beauty that is the ocean of false ideals you are forced to swim in.

God loves you for who you are. He loves you for the natural divine beauty you have within you. You don’t need make up and a perfect body. No one has a perfect body, however your divine heritage gives you perfect beauty and no amount of worldly ideals can ever change that. You are loved no matter how you look, what you wear, how much you weigh. You are loved. God loves you. I may not know you personally but know that as a man I Love your womanly beauty, I love your divine potential, I love you kindness. I love all women for their divine beauty. As a man I am truly blessed to live in a world where I am surrounded by such divine beauty that shines from you as a woman in this world. I see the false beauty of manufactured man made women and I cringe at how they have distorted and destroyed the natural inborn beauty that God meant for us to see and love. I love you for being a woman as you bless me and all men with your divinely inspired beauty.


By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals