Star Trek: Return of the Archons and the Borg


I don’t know about you but I am a huge Start Trek Fan. I love all the series. I love the social and political commentary of each and every episode. Gene Roddenberry is a genius. As I sit watching an episode of the Original Series titled “The Return of the Archons” I was amazed that I had not noticed it before. Captain Kirk and crew Find themselves on a planet populated by people with little to no technology. There were “happy”. There is no war, no disease, no contention. Complete peace and tranquility. Sounds like a paradise. Who would not want to live is such a place as this. Everyone praises and loves and worships the mysterious Landru pictured below.


Sounds great right?. However there is one problem. The people have been turned into mindless drones with no freedom of choice, no accountability and no free agency. They have become completely stripped of all freedom and soul. They have no ability to choose for themselves. The town and technology of these people have become stagnant with no growth at all in any way. The people are forced to obey and stripped of there freedoms.

Kirk and team are baffled by this group of people, they cannot understand why they are behaving in the way they are. No love, no compassion, just what appears to be perfect security and contentment. One character in the show laments “he sees, he hears, he is all around us, please no more”. A small group of rebels who realize just how wrong this place is spends there life in hiding trying to avoid the all seeing and controlling Landru.

Captain Kirk confronts this Landru which turns out to be just a mindless machine. He confronts the evil that he sees and forces it to destroy itself. Landru tells him that because he will not submit to his will he must be destroyed. “”all who saw you, all who know of your presence here must be excised, the memory of the body will be cleansed” Captain kirk Challenged Landru

“what have you done to do justice, to the full potential of every individual of the body”

“without freedom of choice, there is no creativity, without creativity there is no life, the body dies, are you aiding the body or are you destroying it?”

“the evil must be destroyed, that is the prime directive and you are the evil”

This idea of mindlessness and control was later brought up in future star trek series in what I consider to be one of the best Adversaries ever to come out of the Hollywood. The Borg. A race of biologically enhanced super beings who fused technology and biology into a single mechanized drone. Controlled by a centralized Queen. Alien and human species alike are assimilated, their identities and souls eradicated becoming lifeless drones with no freedom, and no ability to refuse a commanded by the Borg Queen. They are controlled like you would control your T.V or computer. No will power of their own. Give it a command and it obeys without question. Its not just there actions that are controlled but their very thoughts are controlled. A Borg thinks what you tell it to think, It has no thoughts of it’s own. It is mindless, soul less biological machine.

Captain Picard In the Episodes The best of Both worlds parts one and two quickly found himself being abducted by the Borg. While aboard the Borg ship Captain Picard demanded to know what they wanted with him. A very Brief conversation began. Some of the best writing on the show comes out in this scene. Captain Picard defies the Borg.

“your culture will adapt to service ours” – the Borg

“impossible my culture is based on freedom and self determination” – captain Picard

“self determination is irrelevant you must comply” – the Borg

“I would rather die” – Captain Picard

As Captain Picard is being assimilated by the Borg a single tear streams down his face as his freedom, soul and individual identity is being stripped from him and he is powerless to do anything about it. It is one of the most powerful scenes in the star trek universe. No longer human, He becomes Locutus of Borg


This idea of perfect security and no freedom, everyone guaranteed happiness sounds remarkably like a plan I once heard from none other than Lucifer himself as explained in Moses 4:1 ” And I, the Lord God, spake unto Moses, saying: That Satan, whom thou hast commanded in the name of mine Only Begotten, is the same which was from the beginning, and he came before me, saying—Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.” Satan wanted the honor for himself, and he would redeem all mankind by forcing them to do his will taking all freedom of choice and accountability from mankind; leaving us essentially mindless drones, no trials, no growth and no freedom. As Captain kirk stated in the episode Return of the Archons “peace, tranquility but no soul.”

The battle for our freedom continues today as mounting social pressures and laws try to silence those who take a stand for righteousness. For example the Mozilla CEO who stepped down over perceived anti gay beliefs as a result of public pressure. That is only one example there are many more which I could reference. Mankind is slowly but surely becoming enslaved and assimilated into the “Borg” collective of evil.

When Captain Picard got abducted and assimilated by the Borg his friends and shipmates launched a daring mission to rescue the captain and restore his freedom. They took the risk of loosing there own freedoms to redeem him. Sometimes the risks of speaking out and acting out against evil and in support of freedom and good can be dangerous, deadly and risks our own freedom to do so. If we don’t stand up for freedom and all that is good and righteous however we stand to lose much more than our own freedom; we risk losing our very souls. Will you take the risk to save your friends and family from the encroaching evil in the world? Will you like the crew of the enterprise refuse to give up on those who have been assimilated by the Borg collective of evil in this world? Will you stop at nothing to rescue those who by all appearances are lost beyond hope and reason? Will you jump head first into the Borg collective of the world, while not becoming of the world to rescue your friends and family?

Christ has asked us to feed his sheep. We have a responsibility to protect our selves, friend and family from assimilation into the collective of evil in this world. We won’t be successful in every case, and we may not be helpful in bringing back those who have become assimilated by the world, regardless of our success never give up on anyone. We may not be able to reach everyone, but it will be worth it in the end.

By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals