Gender: It’s Not That Confusing


I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I recently came across a news story about a little boy who thinks he a girl. According the report This little boy was completely embarrassed to be registered on his kindergarten form as a boy, when in fact he is a girl. His birth Certificate says he is boy. He was born a boy, has boy parts from what I understand. Yet he is a girl. Confused yet. So am I. His mother is upset about this as well. I imagine she is quite confused as well. Who wouldn’t be confused when having a girl with a penis. This mother is completely convinced that her son is in fact a girl. Her son is a completely convinced that he is in fact a Girl. As this mother stated ” in her heart and in her brain, their six-year-old is a girl” and his birth certificate should reflect that. He may not physically be a girl but as long as he thinks and feels that he is a girl then he must be. There can be not other explanation other than God must of made a mistake and had a woman’s spirit inhabit the body of a boy.

The devil has been very successful in convincing many that they are not the gender they truly are. By convincing many that they are not the gender there genetics clearly show that they are is only one of many ways he is succeeding in undermining God’s plan for his children and halting or destroying the family unit. Sadly like in the case of this little boy his parents are buying into the lie that he is in fact a girl. A wise man once said people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want it to be true or they are afraid it is true. As more cases like this come to light and public pressure builds up the devils plan of destroying the family unit and our spiritual identities will succeed. As Latter Day Saints we have a duty to to stand up for righteousness.

I can’t help but wonder, where did this young boy get the idea that he is a girl. My daughter who is 4, barley understands the difference between boys and girls now.  In my experience raising my children, a child does not know the difference between a boy and girl on their own. Without fail my children have asked questions like “why is daddy a boy?”, or “why am I a girl and daddy a boy?”, “why does daddy have hair on his tummy”, “why does mommy have big boobies” or when looking at a anatomically correct doll or animal toy “What is that” while pointing at its penis. Innocent question from a child honestly seeking to understand the difference between boys and girls. This is not knowledge that comes to a child naturally and without the influence of parents

Children are extremely dependent on their parents to teach and educate them on important matters regarding sexuality and the sexes. The church has asked us to ensure we are educating our children on this vitally important sex education. Issues like this is one of the reason we have taken our children out of the sex education curriculum offered through public schools. Ask yourself does a 6 year old child honestly have the maturity, mental capacity to understand something as complex as gender identity? I have my doubts that any 6 year old could comprehend such a complex idea.

Ones gender cannot be determined by how one feels “in your heart and mind”. Gender is inherently a spiritual, physical, biological, and genetic fact. It cannot be altered by ones feelings. Ones gender is determined by whether you have XX chromosome pairing for girls or XY chromosome pairing for boys. XY chromosome paring results in you having a penis and testicles, while XX chromosome pairing results in you having a vagina, uterus and ovaries, and later in life, breasts that usually can produce milk. This is scientific fact, verified over and over again and through pure physical observation can be verified. Its simple really if you have a penis your a boy, if you have a vagina your a girl. Just to clarify

In humans, biological sex is determined by five factors present at birth:

  • the number and type of sex chromosomes;
  • the type of gonads—ovaries or testicles;
  • the sex hormones,
  • the internal reproductive anatomy (such as the uterus in females), and
  • the external genitalia.

Ones Gender identity on the other hand is a purely mental, or psychological perception of our own gender regardless of what physical characteristics you may possess. Ones mental state or perception however does not change the truth. Truth is truth; no ones perceptions can change that truth. I can believe that I am an alien from some far away world it does not make it true. That is only my perception of it. I can believe that I am worthless and God hates me that does not make it truth. I can look at my self in the mirror and believe that I have green skin but that does not make it true. I can believe anything, that I am anyone or have any characteristics that does not make it true.

Those that suffer from this mental state of identifying and believing they are in fact the opposite gender than what they are have the option in many places to have “gender reassignment surgery”. However this surgery does not alter ones gender in any way. All this serves to do is alter the appearance of ones gender. There sex organs are rarely functional as they should be after such surgery. They mutilate there God given bodies to simulate the opposite genders physical characteristics. They will get hormone treatments to give them the opposite genders hormones so that they can stimulate the growth of male or female characteristics. This type of surgery and hormone treatment no more changes ones gender that contact lenses can change the color of your eyes or a tattoo can truly change the natural color of your skin. They may appear to be one gender or the other but there gender has not changed. Genetically and spiritually they are still there birth gender either male or female. No amount of surgery or bodily mutilation can or ever will change that.

I can’t help but be concerned for this child’s futures. A sex change surgery is clearly something that could not happen till the child has stopped growing and reached full mature adulthood. What kind of psychological issues will happen when this boy hits puberty and he can’t understand why he is not having his period or growing breasts. Will he be able to change with the girls in junior high and high school despite being a boy genetically and physically. Will he understand that he is in fact a boy by every biological and physical definition, or will he be confused on why he does not have the girl parts. When he is older and he chooses to have sex will he have sex with men because he believes he is a girl and won’t understand why it just is not working the way it is supposed to?

Men need to be physically different in order to complement women and contribute to the family of man so that Gods purposes must be fulfilled. The physical differences are there so that the parts just fit. This in order to bring children into the world. God is our perfect father in heaven and God. He would not place a Women’s spirit in a boys body or a mans spirit in a women’s body. It is not in the plan. It is not in the design. God gave us our bodies, with them came physical and mental challenges. Gender identity can be a challenge for many. It is a very real issue and it is not simply a figment of ones imagination. These feelings are as real to the one who has them as chronic depression, homosexuality and heterosexuality.

But aside from that what about the spiritual implications of such an idea enforced on him from such a young age. From a Parents Guide chapter 4 we read ” gender identity involves an understanding and accepting of one’s own gender, with little reference to others. Parents can help children to establish during these years a good foundation for later intimacy by helping them understand true principles about how a son or daughter of God should relate to others in his or her gender roles.” If we are not teaching our kids the differences between the genders and that ones feelings do not change our physical attributes then we are not teaching them to accept there own gender. From chapter 3 of parents guide we learn “Children are privileged to be males or females by divine creation. Help them feel that whichever gender they are, they are of great worth. Teach them that their gender influences their goals and that, depending upon their gender, their goals are to become effective fathers or mothers. Such early gender identity removes uncertainty about the worth of the child and builds security regarding his future.”

We need to understand that ones gender is a valued and essential characteristics of our divine nature. It defines who we are and to a large extend what our roles are in God’s grand eternal plan. Physically and spiritually men and women were created different in our psychological and physical attributes.

The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: “All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose” (“The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” Liahona, Oct. 2004, 49; Ensign, Nov. 1995, 102).

Ones gender cannot be altered based on ones perception of our gender identity, Gender is not determined by man it is determined by our God given attributes, no matter our struggles we cannot change that. It is who we are. It is a integral part of our eternal destiny. We must accept that, despite our struggles. You cannot escape it. Your gender is a key part of your eternal identity. It will be with your for eternity unchanged and part of you forever regardless of your feelings on the matter.


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  1. Thank you for sharing and writing this Andrew!!! I have heard similar stories where a little boy only wants to wear dresses. His parents were so impressed that she wrote a book titled, “My Princess Boy”. I’ve heard another case last year where an 11 year chose to be a boy and how she, now he, was afraid to let the school system in on it. I believe that God doesn’t make mistakes when He created His children.


  2. You seem to be confused about gender as a psychological perspective: gender and sex are not identical as terms, though they can be used as synonyms. But to say that your gender must be the same as your sex doesn’t hold up when not all transgender individuals want to have reassignment surgery. The idea is that their gender identity, their consideration of themselves as masculine or feminine, apart from their being biologically male or female, doesn’t agree with the gender one expects.

    I’m a cisgendered male, meaning I consider myself masculine and also am biologically male. But there’s a huge spectrum to consider with transgender individuals: some don’t even acknowledge the binary and say they are neither gender, some say they are both. Some are genderfluid and will vary in identity (though they most likely have a preferred gender identity in terms of official licenses, etc)

    Your ignorance doesn’t negate their perspective. It’s not that their mere belief that their gender identity is different from their biological sex is what makes it so, but whether that identity is something they have considered thoughtfully. It’s not something you should just decide, you have to contemplate it seriously.

    No one’s claiming they can change their genetics: transgender individuals simply want a stable reference in terms of their gender identity, even if it might be at odds with their given biological sex. As I said, not all go for reassignment surgery, but merely work to pass as the opposite sex: it’s very much doable. There’s so much diversity involved that you can’t have a blanket statement about all transgender beyond the basic fact that they don’t identify as many people would in terms of gender: their sex might conflict with it or be different, they might think they’re in the wrong body or that they simply have to change behavior, etc.


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