Love of the Right

I love this Talk by Marvin J Ashton of the 12 apostls from 1971, speaking on drugs, noticeably he does not use the world illegal before the word drugs at any point, but drugs in general,

“Parents, let’s make certain our youth are not continually exposed to the idea that the stresses of daily life require chemical relief. What causes a strong, lovely, vibrant young person to allow a chemical to control his or her behavior? What is there at home, school, work, or church that is so uncomfortable that an escape seems necessary?”

Given my own experience with pyschiatric drugs this talk speaks to me quite effectivley. I have come to believe that all drugs that have the effect of affecting your mental state to be evil and wrong. We have a drug problem today that is much worse than in the 1970’s. I wrote in more detail about this problem in my post titled Drug Induced Insanity