Well this is a bit late, but hey better late than never right.

On September 25 it had been one year since I started this blog and I am thankful for this forum. It has been a lot of fun expressing my thoughts and ideas on the global stage and I hope that you have enjoyed taking the time to read and share my thoughts. For all my readers thank you so much for your continued support.

This blog started off as an experiment to see how it would go and whether it was something that I would continue to do long term. That eventually broke off into a second blog Drews Book Reviews where I write about all the books I spend time reading. I certainly look forward to continuing to share my faith based perspective and other thoughts on life with you for many more years to come.

As tradition will dictate it is time to celebrate my top 10 posts of the past year enjoy!!

1) Gender It’s Not That Confusing

2) Drug Induced Insanity

3) Teens having sex, how should you respond

4) Poor Digital Diet

5) Judging Others

6) The Most Difficult Trial of My Life part 4: Thank you to My Wife

7) Enough With The Gay Pride Already

8) The Most Difficult Trial of My Faith

9) A Visit From an Apostle

10) State Sanctioned Murder

I hope you enjoy these popular post and continue to enjoy my writing

Thanks again for visiting

That is the Gospel according to Andrew

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