This is a bit of an impromptu post but I feel that it needs to be written.

A tragedy has occurred in our nations capital today. Reports indicate that at least 2 gun men stormed Parliament hill and opened fire. There have been reports of shots being fired at a hotel and local downtown mall. Media reports have implied to a large degree that the gunmen are home-grown terrorist in favor of ISIS and it would seem that this was in retaliation to Canada’s involvement in the war on ISIS. It has been reported that

“Intelligence agencies had picked up increased “chatter” from radical Islamist groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaida about possible attacks after Canada decided to join the international coalition against ISIS.” according to sun news. With such a statement one cannot help but wonder if this was indeed a retaliatory strike against Canada for joining our American friends in this new war against ISIS.

When I see stories like this it is very frustrating to me because I know that these types of tragedies can be prevented. This goes beyond gun control failing and into the realm of global politics. Military bases across the country have been put on lock down and the city of Ottawa has ground to halt. Talk of tonight NHL game not happening due to city-wide lock downs have also been mentioned and reported by the NHL.

Christ has consistently preached love and peace to the world. Yet we continue to Ignore the teaching of our savior in favor of forced military intervention resulting in mayhem and chaos. These types of actions are the direct result of our involvement in pre-planned wars designed to further political agenda’s and have nothing to do with national security, defense or keeping Canadians safe. (as clearly they are not being kept safe.)  The events in Ottawa while still unfolding and many details still coming forth have demonstrated that the most dangerous thing we can do is judge a program by its intentions rather than its result. The gunmen in Ottawa is the result of a program of war that only results in more violence and senseless bloodshed of the innocent.

What if our direct military foreign involvement in middle eastern affairs has resulted in these men and women striking out against our country?

What if we have pushed them to that extreme by our foreign policy?

What if we just stopped waging war with an ideology and started to seek peace?

What if we turned the other cheek and Left them alone?

What if more war and bloodshed is what these organization like ISIS want from us and we keep taking the bait?

What if we just stopped fighting them and only used our military for national defense instead of international aggression?

What if we just ended the war by working towards peace in stead of constant war?

The second coming of Christ looms closer every day and the world at constant war. Every one of these wars is preventable if we just stop taking the bait and pushing people to the extreme. I have become tired of hearing how they hate us, how they despise us and hate our freedom and way of life. I tire of hearing how they will never accept peace and we must wage war to protect our national security. I tire of being told who I am supposed to hate and who I should be fighting against. I tire of listening to the media tell us who is our enemy and that the only reason we have had such acts of “terrorism” is simply because they hate us and we have done nothing to them.

There is never any talk about how our choices and actions have precipitated such events. There is never any talk of how we bear some responsibility for the relationship between Canada and foreign organization or countries. Our media is constantly painting Canada as the innocent victim in this world. Our media is constantly telling us how righteous we are and we have a responsibility to stamp out all evil (meaning anyone who disagrees with our foreign policy). We are often guilted into agreeing with the media and government stance on the issue for fear of being painted as siding with the “terrorist”. All the while being blinded to the fact that our government is just as guilty of terrorist acts as the ones that we are at war with. Do we even know why we are at constant war?

If we must ask ourselves when this will ever end the answer is it won’t till we have a government that is willing to step back and really see and accept the responsibility they bear for their actions and role in escalating terrorist activities. Sadly that seems as more of a pipe dream than anything at this point.

Waging war, killing 100’s of thousands of innocents people to stop the death of a few is senseless and evil. so far only 1 soldier has been killed, can that justify killing thousands in retaliation? The war against “terror” has killed hundred and thousands more “terrorist” than they have killed us. Will our leaders be able to stand before God at the final day of judgment and justify the senseless slaughter of the innocent over a few deaths at the hands of some radicals?

I can only pray that Christ will come soon so that these constant never-ending cycles of war will come to an end and people can be truly free and safe.



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