Lost Book of Scripture


As I read through the bible with my wife and for myself, it is interesting to come across numerous books of the bible that are referenced but not actually included. Some of the lost books themselves are not referenced at all but are know such as the book of macabees.

Wikiepdia has a list of lost books that many know nothing about.

From LDS.ORG we can learn some more about the lost books of scriptures.

Lost scriptures

There are many sacred writings mentioned in the scriptures that we do not have today, among which are these books and writers: the covenant (Ex. 24:7), the wars of the Lord (Num. 21:14), Jasher (Josh. 10:13; 2 Sam. 1:18), the acts of Solomon (1 Kgs. 11:41), Samuel the seer (1 Chr. 29:29), Nathan the prophet (2 Chr. 9:29), Shemaiah the prophet (2 Chr. 12:15), Iddo the prophet (2 Chr. 13:22), Jehu (2 Chr. 20:34), the sayings of the seers (2 Chr. 33:19), Enoch (Jude 1:14), and the words of Zenock, Neum, and Zenos (1 Ne. 19:10), Zenos (Jacob 5:1), Zenock and Ezias (Hel. 8:20), and a book of remembrance (Moses 6:5); and epistles to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 5:9), to the Ephesians (Eph. 3:3), and from Laodicea (Col. 4:16).

The wonders and mysteries contained in these scriptures surely hold treasures that would be precious to the saints in these latter days. There is so much that we have lost with respect to the gospel of Jesus christ throughout history and the respective translations and copies of the bible. This is a book that has been edited, rewritten and edited and translated more than any othe book on earth. Is it any wonder that we believe the Bible to be the word of God only so far as it has been translated correctly? With so many lost translations and books, as well contradictions and passages that just do not make sense we cleary needs some guidance to understand the gospel.

God in his wisdom provided modern day prophets to help to guide and direct us. He understood that the bible would be translated, re-translated, changed, altered, added to, books taken out. I can’t help but wonder why such references to these lost books were left in the bible yet the books themselves were taken out.

I look forward to the day when the knowledge in these books will be restored and more of the gospel will be brought and restord once again to the world. There is so much that we don’t know and so much that has been lost. Given I tend to be intellectually curious, I cannot help but wonder what mysteries are containted within these lost books of scriptures. I look forward to the day when such mysteries will be revealed once again to man.

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