I Don’t Want to Help the Middle Class


With pretty much every election campaign you will hear one common thread or theme from the parties that be. Whether it be Liberal, NDP, Conservative, Green or any other political party. They are all talking about how they are the only party that will really and truly help the middle class. Every one talks about lowering the taxes on the middle class or creating jobs for the middle class, or taxing the rich for the benefit of the middle class. Perhaps raising the min wage for the middle class family.

If we are to believe what these politicians are trying to sell us then the middle class are or at least from what we are told, are very hard done by and really struggling to get by. They seem to have insurmountable debt, struggling just to meet their basic needs with their 2 car garage and 750,000 + dollar mortgage and 2 jobs and all their cell phones and big expensive cable packages and car loans. All these needs are just becoming more and more unreachable and un-affordable for the middle class.

From what we have been told if we want to really help out our economy we need to do more for these poor struggling people who clearly are in desperate need for the help.  I am one of those poor starving middle class people. Or so I should believe from what our politicians keep telling us. Though I barely make enough annually to be considered middle class. My family of 5 however seems to be doing fine with out a lot of what most people perceive to be needs.

The thing is the middle class, while should not be discounted are focused so much on in politics that those that really need help are completely ignored and tossed aside as if they do not matter and they are rarely if ever talked about.

There are 10’s of thousands of families in this country that are really struggling. They must choose each and every month to either pay the rent, or buy food. If you can do both then you are doing better than many. They cannot afford the basic necessities of life. Their circumstances are such that no matter the amount of tax credits, tax benefits or other programs, they simply don’t provide any benefit to help these people out. We are so focused on giving tax breaks to the middle class that the lower class who really need the help are completely ignored.

The only reason this can possible be is because the lower class don’t win elections. The lower class are 2 busy trying to survive and living homeless on the streets to worry about who to vote for. Politicians know this and so don’t bother addressing the needs of the least fortunate among us when it comes to winning elections.

As a Libertarian this complete disregard of the welfare of the least fortunate for selfish interest in getting elected bothers me a great deal. I willingly admit that I am not in any position to help much financially the poor and needy but do what I can when I can. I make just barely enough to provide for my families needs as it is.

Libertarians believe in the principle of voluntarism. Through voluntary efforts of those who can, for those who need it we can do more to relieve the burden of the poor than any government program, that lets face it does nothing for the poor but make them poorer. An example of this is programs like AISH (assured income for the severely handicapped) which punish you for making money. You are capped at a very low amount of extra earnings which if you exceed you lose much more in financial aid effectively keeping you poor and not giving any incentive to make more. These programs often barely pay enough to cover just the rent, let along other necessities. One with a family intensifies this struggle that much more.

The problem here is not that the middle class are so hard done by that they need assistance from our illustrious leaders but that the poor have been locked out of opportunity with burdensome state meddling in out personal lives. High taxes on everything we earn and purchase. Burdensome regulations on how, where, what, to who, and when we can sell the products of our own labor.

Lack of a free market in almost every aspect of our lives and a tax regime locking out opportunity to make better lives for many have cause this hardship. It’s not just taxes and regulations that are problematic but also rules about what we can and cannot partake into our bodies. For example if caught smoking pot or in possession of amounts the state has decided is 2 much you can get a prison sentence and criminal record. As I understand it a significant percentage of drug users are not middle or upper class but lower class people, the homeless and those that are struggling just trying to get away from the awful state of their lives. Giving them criminal records over something they choose to do to themselves makes it that much more difficult to get jobs and gain valuable skills needed to succeed in their future lives and work their way out of the lower class.

So no I do not want to help the middle class. They are for the most part doing just fine. Some living beyond their means but that is a choice they made and must deal with the consequences. I want to help the lower class. I want to make their lives better and move to a society where they really have the opportunity to succeed. I want to end the burdensome regulations, tax regime and intervention in our personal lives that have kept the poor, poor. I want to lift the poor out of their desperate situation and stop giving them criminal records for using something you don’t agree with. (that should be the case regardless of income bracket).

I have come to believe that the only way to truly achieve this is by having a truly free and libertarian society. I do not believe there is any other way. If you really care about people, and the burdens they bare, voting to take from the rich to give to the middle class will in the end help no one. As you work to bring down the rich you don’t raise up the poor or middle class but bring them down with the rich. Stop taxing and regulating people out of their livelihoods is the solution not giving tax breaks to one segment of society to buy votes, which is nothing more than a selfish scheme to win votes.

This is why I am supporting the Libertarian Party of Canada. They are about getting out of the business of governing and back into the business of letting people govern themselves so that they can succeed or fail on their own merits.

By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals