All Public Mass Shooters Are Innocent!!


The recent mass shooting in south Carolina at a church saw 9 people die by the latest report that I have seen. This is a tragic event that could have been avoided. Naturally the cry of more gun control comes from our political leaders making this into a political issue. They want us to believe that if we just got tougher on who we allow to have guns this whole thing could have been avoided. Our politicians will play on your emotions and fears to manipulate you in to giving up your freedom all for the sake of being in a safer society.

This is complete nonsense and plays on your emotions and fears and fails to address the real problem of mass violence and criminal activity that plagues america and Canada alike. 41 people a day are murdered in America. On one day 9 die by a gun.  This is just talking about murder rates only, the violent crimes per day are statistically much higher.

It is clear that the US has a violent crime issues that need to be addressed. However Guns are not the problem. In essentially every mass public shooting one thing is in common. We don’t know how much this applies to other violent crimes because only gun crime gets reported on national news on a regular basis. From watching the news you might think that is the only way violent crime happens.

You can read in my post Drug Induced Insanity that it is clear that the side effects of  prescriptions psychiatric drugs that violence is a clear side effect of these drugs. I had also listed several other cases of mass public violence induced by people on drugs. Gun crime is not the only way mental health patients on drugs commit acts of severe violence. We just don’t hear about all the acts of sever public violence induced by big pharma drug culture because it would contradict the message we are force-fed by the media. The message is guns are bad and must be taken out of our society.

If guns kill people and not Big Pharma as we are constantly told to believe, why are there not so much more deaths related to guns? Why is it every time  a cop kills someone the victim is blamed? Police shoot and kill several hundred people a year yet we never blame the gun when the cop shoots to kill innocents, or military guns kill innocents. Usually we blame the victim for not complying with cops order. Where is the call for more gun control when police brutality kills innocent victims?  Rather when a cop is killed in the line of duty he is hailed as a hero. No one stops to evaluate whether the one who killed the cops was acting in defense of his rights. The actions of the dead cop are not talked about or questioned. It’s almost as if our media holds up police on some golden altar of perfection and they can do no wrong.

These people are not killing people because they have a gun. They are killing people because they have been drugged into submission and there minds are being destroyed and warped. There emotions and inhibitions are being destroyed to the point that they lose all self-control and will power of their own. They go to their counseling sessions to “talk about their feelings and how they imagine working them out” All the while on mind control drugs where they are subjected to this discussion which lead to carrying out their heinous crimes. Psychiatrist and big pharma are just as guilty of killing these innocents as the people themselves. I would even go so far as to say that the perpetrators are not even capable of understanding what they are doing because they have had their minds and thoughts chemically manipulated to the point where they no longer have control over their own actions. I know because the same thing happened to me. I to acted out in violence and nearly killed my brother when I was 14. But here is the thing. I did not use a gun. I used a knife, was arrested and prosecuted for doing so. No one ever asked about the drugs I was on. No one thought to analyze if the drugs had somehow influenced my behavior. I was pressured into assuming all guilt for the crime and pleading guilty in court. I was sentenced. I was kept on the drugs. That was not my first nor was it my last violent outburst either.  I was not guilty of that crime. I was not in control of my behavior or mind. The drugs were. The doctors were. Big Pharma was. I nearly killed a member of my own family because of these lethal and dangerous drugs. These victims of big pharma killed others innocents because of these drugs.

It is time to end the war on Guns. Guns are not the problem. Drugs and psycho manipulations of the vulnerable are the problem! It is Big Pharma who is committing mass crime by inflicting this on the masses and caused innocent to die at the hands of mind altering, mind manipulating drugs and it must stop!! It is big Pharma that is guilty of the killing of innocent at the end of a gun barrel. It is Big pharma that must be brought to justice to answer for the deaths of so many innocents. It is big pharma that must be charged with the murder of these people and every other victim of mass public shootings including the shooters themselves. As we all know, drugs cannot be used as a defense in court, thus big pharma escapes any scrutiny and responsibility for its crimes against humanity and will continue to cause people to kill and murder innocents while their (big pharma’s) victims take all the blame. We pat our selves on the back by appearing to do something and and say to ourselves justice is served and good job. In the mean time some other poor victim is planning his next crime with a gun only for the same old story to resurface and the cycle continue. What will they do when all the guns are gone and mass murders are still happening? I guess we will just move on to the next weapon of choice.

I am so tired of hearing about this and big pharma’s roll being ignored by the mass media. If they wont talk about it then I will. It disgusts me. It sickens me. It its revolting to me. Its time for the masses to rise up against big pharma. Stop buying into their drugs. Stop letting our children be manipulated and poisoned by them. Stop voting for any candidate that does not support ceasing all government ties to big pharma. Stop the senseless murder of our families by Drug lords that are using mental health patients to carry out their heinous and evil crimes!