To start off I would like to make it clear that my concern is with the spiritual consequences of gender politics within our society. I have no desire to legislate the lives of others. Nor do I believe that their should be any public policy surrounding genders and personal sexuality or orientation in any way. It’s not a government issue. Issues surrounding this are very personal and spiritual in nature and our governments should have no say it in whatsoever!

Transgenderism is all the rage right now. People are talking about on social media like it is the only thing that matters. We are seeing it all over the place about accepting people for who they are. If you don’t accept them for how they see themselves in their head then you are not accepting them. The social Justice Warriors are out in full force using our media and talking about all the wonderful things about boys being girls and girls being boys. People are coming out in massive waves of support for these girls who ended up with boys bodies and boys who ended up with girls bodies.

I have been told that gender is not the same thing as sex, or is it sex is not the same thing as gender. I get so confused I don’t know what to think anymore. What I do know is that God does not make mistakes. If you born with a penis and testicles then you are boy, you will grow to be a man, and you have a man’s spirit in your body. If you are born with a vagina then you are a girl, you will grow to be a woman and you have a woman’s spirit.

What I do know is that if we are to accept these people for who they claim they are whether that be a man when they are a woman or a woman when they are a man, that is not accepting them for who they are. Who we are is more than a psychological state of mind or our physical bodies. I understand that is what these people want. A friend of mine is transgender and going through the change from physically a man in appearance to physically a woman in appearance. I choose to call my friend by their name rather than gender. I wont say he or she but rather just address by name. With apologies to my friend and the transgender community my idea of accepting you for who you are does not mean for me to refer you by your preferred gender identity but rather by the identity that God gave you. I cannot accept that you are a man who is a woman or a woman who is a man because that is not what you are. While you may escape your god given gender while on earth, at least in the physical sense, you cannot escape it in the eternities. When you stand before God at the final judgment you will stand before him as the person you were born as. You will not stand as a woman unless you were born as a woman, you will not stand before him as a man unless you were born as a man.

We should always love and respect these people and never discriminate against them. They should be treated no differently than anyone else you may encounter and we should love and uphold them with all the respect they deserve. They are people as well and deserve our love and respect. I recognized that some may find my position lacking in respect for them, that however is not the intent, nor do I mean to disrespect anyone.

Science and psychology still does not really understand what is happening with transgenderism but is trying to figure it out. They are just as confused about it as those who suffer from it. It is generally accepted by the masses that one is born that way. I don’t know if that is true or not, but what I do know is that a new-born baby has no concept of gender identity and no idea what male and female means or is. That is something that is taught much later in life. It would seem however that the world at large is now confused about this very issue. Now that we are giving different definitions of sex and gender we still don’t know what we are talking about. We use the words interchangeably but then separate them at the same time as meaning something different.

One thing I am clear on is that ones gender identity is how they see themselves as man or woman. What I also can say with 100% confidence is true is that ones gender is either man or woman. This is not defined by how one sees themselves but your gender is defined at birth by the genetic make up of the body and physical characteristics. Occasionally an intersex child may be born in which the gender is not clearly defined. This should be made a matter of prayer by the parents to know. I do not believe there are any intersex spirits.

The transgender community does not even seem to be clear on this issue of how to define their own genders. On the one hand I have been told that “gender is a matter of how ones identifies, this does not always match your assigned gender.” This idea which has been stated to me contradicts the idea that gender is a matter of how you identify not birth. Gender can’t be assigned at birth if it is a matter of how you identify thus it can’t miss match your birth assigned gender yet trans genders people are defined as those who identify different from their birth gender. Then on the other hand I am told that only sex is assigned at birth and that genetics and gender has nothing to do with one’s identity, and this is something that can change over time. Our gender’s are fluid I am told. So on the one hand your gender is assigned at birth and on the other hand it is based on how you perceive yourself. Logically it cannot be both, and yet it is. The concept contradicts itself.

With these issues come further confusion about whether or not you can change your sexuality.

Here is what I mean by this.

Is a transgendered man gay or straight if he likes men? If his gender is in fact a woman then he would logically be straight right?, but have a man’s body and physically a man in appearance thus making him gay? And yet being gay is sexual attraction to one of the same gender, but is that the same gender one identifies with or the same gender as one matching your body? If it is the same gender as matching your body then before a man becomes a woman he is straight and after he is gay while at the same time you can’t change you sexuality so you can’t go from being gay to straight. So would a man who identifies as a woman say that he is straight? or is he only before and not after he changes to become a woman? at which point he is gay where as before he was straight? you see the devil has done a very good job of confusing the issues. How do you define sexuality when ones gender is so changeable, Or when gender is not defined by our God given traits.

Aside from God’s gospel that men are men and women are women, this confusion about what gender is, is clearly not of God. This confusion amongst the people of earth is of the devil. That is why there is such a debate about it and why it is such a contentious issues. Now lest someone get the wrong idea, and I am sure they still will, People are not transgendered because the devil made them think it or feel it. Transgenderism is real, it is not a delusion of ones mind. It is not the result of a satanic deception. It is what it is.

This does not mean however that we should openly celebrate and glorify ones sexuality no more so that we should have straight pride parades or praise people for being straight. This celebration of transgenderism and other LGBTQ issues is heading down a path farther and farther away from God and his gospel. The one thing that many people who support and attend events like gay pride and other LGBTQ issues is that they don’t seem to understand the hypocrisy of their own statements of not being able to choose your sexuality. When it comes to your sexuality the ones we can’t choose are the ones that are socially acceptable while the ones we can choose are not socially acceptable. I have been told by those that are LGBTQ “why would we as a community choose to be the way we are knowing their is so much hatred and bigoty against people like me in the hearts and minds of people” I agree with them. Why would you choose that? This is where the hypocrisy comes in. No one talks about pedophiles, bestiality, or incest being a sexuality you cannot control or choose. What they seem to miss out on is that gay, transgender, bi-sexuality all at one point in time were thought of in the same way. It used to be thought that you can choose these things and that it was a mental disorder that needed treatment to cure to make you normal again. Now this is consider perfectly acceptable while other sexualities are condemned and hated upon, criminalized and classified as a mental disorder in need of treatment.  Either you choose your sexuality or you do not. If you don’t choose your sexuality how can you continue to condemn those sexualities because of their socially unacceptability while demanding we accept yours as socially acceptable. This is hypocrisy. This is a slippery slope and opens the door to every kind of sexual impurity and whoredomes known to man. How long before pedophiles join the gay pride parades? Or have their own? No one should be punished or hated for their sexuality no matter how repulsive or non socially acceptable it may be. People should be punished for their crimes yes, but not for their sexuality.

I don’t believe we choose our sexuality. We do however choose how we behave and act in relation to our sexuality. Pedophiles do not commit crimes till they act on it, those that want sex with animals do not commit crimes till they act on that desire, those that want sex with family members do not commit crimes till they act on those desires. The crime and sin is in the act not the sexuality, a distinction that so many people still seem to miss. This constant barrage of LGBTQ celebrations is to the point of idol worship which has practically set up this wave of LGBTQ obsession as the new God that we should worship. In the process this is completely distorting and warping our ability to truly accept our divine identities. It is extreme gender politics with severe and devastating spiritual consequences.

The confusion around what gender is and how it is defined is being warped and twisted into some sick and deluded ideology that ones gender can be whatever you define it to be. This is simply not true. That is a lie of the devil who works tirelessly to thwart the divinity of the soul and distort the divine identity of men and woman. He works tirelessly to destroy the family of which gender is a vital characteristic in the role in the family unit. This concept of gender has become so warped and distored, redefined and analyzed to the point where it has become virtually meaningless. Our kids are being raised in a culture of confusion, deception and warped and distorted ideas of who they are and what they are supposed to be. Adults cannot even agree on what gender is and while we are arguing about it we are teaching kids that they are not necessarily the gender they are born to because gender has nothing to do with our defining male or female characteristics. Gender is a state of mind not gentics or physical reality. With all of this confusion how can we expect kids to have a clear and concrete understanding of gender and thus who they are and their purpose in life. We teach them that it takes a man and a woman to make babies, but if who is a man and who is a woman can be changed, twisted, redefined and psychically altered, how can we expect them to understand what it really takes to make a baby? There seems to be a lot of woman out there with sperm producing capabilities and men with eggs and a uterus.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.” —The Family and Proclamation To The World

Given that gender is such an important defining characteristics of our identity, if we can’t even agree as adults what gender is then how can we expect our children to understand the concept of gender and thus their own identities.

As members of the church It is vitally important that we teach our children what gender is and how it impacts their divine destiny. Gender is not fluid. Ones gender identity maybe, but not ones gender. That is fixed and unchangeable and it is vital that our children understand this.

Ones Gender cannot be changed. It is divinely appointed and how one feels about it does not change what your gender is. We cannot always choose our trials in life. We cannot always choose how we deal with the struggles that we are dealt. The only thing we have complete control of is how we choose to deal with our trials. For those suffering from your gender identity not matching up with your God-given gender this can be a life long struggle. While difficult and at times I am sure can be very depressing and feel hopeless without embracing how you feel by changing how you live or look, it is in a very real way who you are, your gender will never change. Turn to God and he will help you achieve peace with your feelings. You need to learn to love and accept who you are. Changing your physical sex appearance and getting hormone treatment may bring you some level of happiness in this life, it will not bring lasting eternal happiness. It will only bring temporal relief and eternal misery in the end.

And that is the gospel according to Andrew



  1. The major issue is your lack of qualification in regards to the terms gender and sex. One can be used solely to refer to physical and genetic traits, while the other is still new in its use of referring solely to the psychological and existential aspects of a person. Sex is “what’s between your legs” and generally part of traits we cannot change, barring advanced technology, while gender is “what’s between your ears”, in the sense of more abstract experiences and socially constructed and conditioned ideas of what is masculine or feminine moreso than what is male or female in a stricter sense. We’ve evolved as a society to understand that men nurturing children, enjoying fashion and other more traditionally feminine activities doesn’t undermine their masculinity or suggest they are transgender at all.

    Gender is not sex, sex is not gender: if you’re going to legitimately understand the position you have a disagreement with, then you can’t go with an incomplete knowledge, or even inadequate in the sense of the fundamental lexicon.

    Sexuality is another term you seem to be using too broadly: one doesn’t choose sexual orientation, but one can choose sexual behavior, same as one chooses to stop working and go to bed or go out to get groceries. The difference is in the feelings experienced towards the attractive sex (or gender depending on how the sexual orientation works, since it’s not necessarily just about the person’s sex, but also their gender) versus how you respond to them in your interactions.

    No one questions whether our actions are chosen, but our attractions, on the other hand, are less likely to be something we will, rather than something that is innate to us.

    There isn’t confusion if we have clear cut definitions for terms instead of using them as vernacular shifts with mere popular use. If there is a reasonable distinction between gender and sex, as well as sexuality in orientation versus behavior, then it isn’t a bad thing to utilize those nuances in our understanding of humanity, religious or otherwise in our worldviews.

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