This woman is standing firm in her belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. She is a self-described born again christian who does not believe in the idea of gay marriage and has taken a public stance against it in her home state of Kentucky. She is a county clerk which is an elected position in the state of Kentucky and I assume in all states across the U.S.A. Perhaps some of my American readers can confirm that for me.

Because of her position she has the authority to grant marriage licenses from the state of Kentucky and as such has a responsibility to provide them to couples who can legally wed in the U.S.A.

When the U.S.A supreme court granted the right to marry to LGBTQ Peoples to marry those of the same gender she refused to grant those licenses because of her religious faith. She is now sitting in a county jail for refusing to grant such licenses.

Sadly because of this she has become somewhat of a christian martyr to her cause and the “new face of christian persecution” as some media outlets are describing her. I find it quite sad that she has become such figure in the eyes of so many Christians. I do not see her as a martyr or the face of christian persecution at all.

I can respect her for standing her ground on such a fundamental moral belief and grounds. I also believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman, not 2 men or 2 woman. However there is a problem with what she is doing non the less, one that in this case I find myself siding with the court of public opinion in that she is in the wrong. She states that she is denying these things on the basis of a higher authority which is God. That I do understand completely as a devoted Latter Day Saint.

What Kim Davis however does not understand is that this is not a matter of a private for profit business refusing services on the basis of sexual orientation or LGBTQ event. She is not being asked to attend the wedding or otherwise support their union. The U.S.A supreme court ruled that same-sex couples are permitted to marry and have all the associated benefits of that union under the laws of the land. Kim Davis has taken it upon her self to feel that she can over rule the supreme court and refuse to provide marriage licenses because of her faith. Because she is not running a private licensing office she is as a result of this decision blocking and inhibiting gay couples ability to be married under the laws of the land. This is in fact a violation of the rights of the individuals who have been denied.

She has no authority on earth to do such thing nor in heaven. She is not an ordained minister of God, She holds no priesthood authority and even if she did, God’s priesthood has no authority over the laws of the land in which that priesthood is held and exercised. God’s laws and the laws of the land are separate completely and are not held in authority of the other in any way. Kim Davis lacks all authority to make such a decision. She is being held accountable under the laws of the land. (personally I don’t agree with the consequences being imposed but that is a subject for another post). What Mrs Davis needs to learn is that she does not write the laws and as such she does not get to pick and choose what laws she will follow or not follow in her role as an elected public official.

This is not about whether you agree with her or not, it is about her failing to perform her duties as she was elected to do so by the people of Rowan county Kentucky. I will always support her right to opposed same-sex marriage if she chooses to do so, but because of her unique position and employment she does not have the luxury to deciding who gets married and who does not.

To deny people the rights they have and direct her staff to do the same is wrong, especially considering she is the only one people can go to in the county to get the licensing for marriage. She does not run a private office or business and as such gay couples do not have other choices or options to get the services they are requesting if she refuses.

Christ never stood in the way of people’s choice, he died so that we may have our free-agency to choose the life we want. Kim Davis wants to stand in the way of that free-agency and uses her belief in the bible to do so and that is wrong. She does not have to agree with gay marriage. No one is going to take her issuing a marriage license to a gay couple as public support and praise for it. Nor will God hold her accountable for such a choice. She has her free-agency to refuse, but not without consequence.

If she wants advice from a fellow christian it would be this. Resign. Publicly if you must. You can publicly condemn same-sex marriage and tell everyone that you cannot do your job as it would go against your strongly held beliefs which is why you are resigning. But don’t continue your martyrdom. God will judge in the end and you can walk away with your conscience in tact. Peoples rights will be respected and you can get on with your life knowing you have done nothing to support same-sex marriage. As long as you Mrs Davis continue to go forward in the way that you are it is you, not the government that is in the wrong.

And that is the gospel according to Andrew



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