My solutions to get true marraige equality


The recent affair regarding Kim Davis refusing to issue marriages license has certainly gotten a lot of media attention recently. There is a lot of talk about christian bigotry and hate for gays. That may very well be true for many and if it is that is truly sad indeed.

The problem with all of this is that as a culture and society we are trying very hard to legislate away such things as if more laws and rules surrounding it will somehow created a more inclusive society and everyone will be happier for it. All this has done however is created more division and contention and less love and respect.

After writing up why I think Kim Davis was wrong and shared that post on social media I now feel that I should share my solution to the problem that is creating so much division in our culture in the first place.

First I would like to share some of the comments I have received on social media regarding this issue to see how divided this issue is.

don’t see a “Right to marriage license” anywhere in the literature. If that right doesn’t exist, then she isn’t infringing it.

She is an elected official and as such should uphold the law impartially, not letting her personal prejudices get in the way. If I were a cop, for example, I would have to uphold and enforce drug laws and other laws with which I do not agree. I could not opt out of enforcing some laws because I don’t agree with them. That being the case, I could never be a policeman. Similarly, she should resign her position if she can’t uphold the law.

According to you then, the centurion who whipped Jesus was justified because the government told him to do it. As was the soldier who nailed him to the cross, and the one who pierced his side with a spear.

“socrates drank the hemlock. just following orders is not an excuse because one has a right to vote with their feet. if she doesn’t feel the work she is doing is just, she should quit. otherwise she deserves to be fired. personally I think the law is just, and this bigotry is asinine. but I support her right to act in accordance with her conscience, just not on the public’s dime.

Actually you are the bigot. You believe that a person should not be allowed to work unless they share your beliefs. That is quite bigotted.

You and your sodomite government have kidnapped her and thrown her in prison. There will be a day of atonement.

As you can see the conversation can be quite divided. Rarely except on rare occasion does anyone speak about what really is the easiest way to resolve this issue and end hostilities practically instantly. One person on this feed that developed put it quite well

The truth is that all marriages are illegal, unless you are granted special permission by the government, and you pay the penalty of licensing fees. What is wrong here is the government has anything to do with it at all.

You know what? That right there is the truth. It really is that simple. Why is government even involved in the first place? What reasons are there that require the government to dictate the terms of a consensual relationship between 2 or more consenting adults.

Radio talk show host Larry Elder put it this way

“How about government simply getting out of the marriage-license-granting business? (Ditto for government licenses necessary to cut hair, drive a taxi, open a business or enter a profession.) Leave marriage to non-governmental institutions, like churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship or private institutions. Those who view same-sex marriage as sinful will continue to do so, no matter what the government, the courts or their neighbors say.[5]

Taking back power of the government to dictate what is or is not a legal relationships in terms of marriage we can take back control of our relationships. The fact that Gays had to fight for approval to be married in the first place should be a huge red flag that something is wrong with granting state power to control our relationships.

Marriage is not a contract between you and the government. It is a contract between you and your spouse or spouses regardless of whether or not the public agrees with your relationships. Quite frankly it is none of their business nor is it the governments business if you are married or not married or how many spouses you have.

I do not believe that gay marriage should be legal, nor should straight marriage or plural marriage. The moment we talk about it being legal or not we have given over control to the state to define our relationships. Marriage should never be a question of legality. Period. Marriage should not even come up in any  conversations about legality of relationships. This here is the problem. It is time to get marriage out of the governments hands. We need to get a divorce from the state when it comes to marriage.

Imagine for a moment a world where marriages were not controlled, defined or sold by the state. No one sought approval or licensing from government to have their relationships recognized by the government. The only thing they cared about was that their partner, or partners loved them and that they accepted each other regardless of gender, genders, or relations.

Kim Davis would not be sitting in prison. She would not have to have publicly deny marriage licensing to gay couples as a matter of religious conviction.  Gay couples would not feel they have been stripped of their rights. Polygamist would not be feel they must hide themselves in places like bountiful BC. No one would fear what would happen when they seek approval by the government for their relationships. Everyone would be happy and just go on their merry way enjoying their relations no matter who agrees or disagrees with them.

When all is said and done, state control of marriage is what has caused this division and these problems to begin with. Not gay couples who want to spend their life with each other. Not christians who do not want to be a part of that relationship. These things will never change. Having the government define them however will always cause problems and issues of hatred, bigotry, division and anger from all sides.



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  1. God’s marriage is always between one man and one woman. There are many examples where a man had many wives, but even still a scriptural marriage contract is only between one man and one woman. There is a difference between God’s form of marriage and that of the state. God’s marriage is based solely on his moral law and never changes. Government’s marriage is based on man’s changing laws. From what I understand the state began issuing marriage licenses to give approval to marriages that God’s morals would never allow. So the state began licensing marriages to allow for scripturally immoral marriages and then over time convinced Christians to also seek a license. Tax breaks and social security likely helped. Licensing may also have been created to offer some official stamp of approval for non-Christians. When speaking of God’s marriage with state officials you should make them aware of which marriage you are referring to, God’s marriage or the state’s.

    It should not be any surprise then that state marriage would evolve with the morals of the people living in the state. The state’s marriage is not God’s marriage. God created His form of marriage and He is the only one who can regulate it. The state can create any sort of license it wishes. It has no right to dictate God’s marriage and some may ask why Christians should be partaking in state marriage. It is immoral at it’s root. Why should one expect state marriage to be moral?

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