10 Reasons to vote libertarian this october


This October Canadians are going to the polls to select who will be their next slave masters, err I mean the next government of Canada. This is a process that most democratic societies go through every 4 years and this year it is Canada’s turn. The 4 main parties in this election are essentially arguing about whether is it better to eat the pile of crap with a spoon, fork, or knife. To be honest none of them are really offering any alternative to the status quo and none of them offer any hope for a better country.

The Conservative party of Canada is busy shutting down free speech, continuing a war on terror and invading Peoples privacy with bills like C51. The Liberals are no better as they voted to support bill C51 and seem to have no idea how to manage an economy at all. The NDP are as usual making expensive promises such as a national min wage of 15/hr and 15/day daycare across Canada. These promises amount to billions of dollars of cost on Canadians that can only be supported by higher taxation which we already have some of the highest in the developed world. The NDP would bring around financial ruin and send Canada down the same hole Greece found themselves trapped in today. The Greens would tax and punish polluters of every kind while pretending to care about the average Canadian with no regard for how their environmental positions and policies would harm Canadian families by drastically increasing their tax and energy bills, all the while failing to do a single thing or affect climate change even remotely. They would bankrupt and impoverish Canadian families to enforce an ideal that won’t help anyone and won’t help the environment they claim it is supposed to help. In the end it is just another tax grab at the expense of Canadian families.

For these reason I am asking all Canadians not to vote for or support any of these parties. Many Canadians in over 100 riding’s this election will have the opportunity to vote for The Libertarian Party of Canada this election. These are my top 10 reasons for voting for Libertarians this year.

10) We support equality. This is real equality meaning we support the rights of everyone to equal and fair opportunity. Whether you be LGBTQ, Islamic, christian or no faith at all. we support your right to live as you see fit. To associated with whom you choose and to do business with whom you choose. We support the right to discriminate as a matter of equality. Gays can get married and churches do not have to marry them and bakers do not have to make their cakes for them. We support everyone to live as they see fit so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. Everyone is equal before the law and as such everyone can equally associated with whomever they want or not associate with anyone for any reason at all!

9) We support ending the drug war. The drug war has been one of the most costly and unsuccessful attempts in modern history to end a blight on our society. Drug users have not been helped, rather jailed, died and prosecuted for being an addict. This 21 year old young woman is just one of many that this drug war has killed.  Drug sellers have had enormous profits in the hundreds of millions causing countless numbers of people to suffer and become enslaved to such evil substances. The illegality of drugs like the prohibition of alcohols has benefited the gangs, drug lords and sellers and harmed the innocent. From what I can see it has served no benefit and caused great harm. This is the result of treating drug addicts like criminals instead of people who need help. A public health approach would be much more effective. All it takes is a quick google search on Portugal drug decriminalization for example.

8) the NAP.  Also known as the Non Aggression Principle This is pretty self-explanatory but for those that don’t understand let this video explain it to you.

7) Property rights. The Libertarian Party of Canada believes in every persons rights to defend and protect their property. What this means is that any aggressor that comes on your property without consent can be forcibly removed by you the owner. This applies for renters as well. As the saying goes a man is the king of his castle, and as such you have full rights to say who can and cannot be there and the right to defend your property with all means necessary for the protection of property. Enter at your own risk.

The other federal parties however do not have any respect for your property rights, Peoples homes are consistently being taken from them and their lands encroached on under the idea of “essential national energy infrastructure” projects. Many first nations lands rights are not being respected as push to get pipelines built through first nations lands continue. Kinder Morgan wants government approval for this infrastructure, while first nations wants to be the ones to give the green light or say no. Sadly if the government approves these projects, property owners along the routes lose out on all rights to the lands.

This happens in other places like Alberta as well where the expropriation act allows the Alberta government to take land from you whether you want to sell it or not and be compensated often for less than the land is worth. The very definition of expropriation is public agency ie the government taking private lands that are deemed necessary for public interest. This is wrong because it is effectively “legal” theft of private lands. The very concept is wrong.

6) Self Defense Rights. Everyone has the right to self-defense. Everyone has the right to defend his family from harm up to and including deadly force with whatever tools are necessary and available including guns. This is not about advocating violence but understanding that there will always be people who will threaten others with acts of violence and it is not immoral to defend your life or the life of others with deadly force if necessary. This is simply expected of any person. I would not hesitate to kill or die trying in defense of my life, the life of my children or wife and hope and pray to God that such an act will never become necessary. No one has the right to take such rights from you. PERIOD. And I would gladly and willing suffer any consequences of such an action if it ever became necessary.

5) Free Market Environmentalism. While I will admit I do not know much about this I do understand the general concept. By respecting property rights and holding polluters directly accountable to the people they affect with their pollution we can work together to achieve a cleaner and more viable future for our families.

4) The status quo is not working. Lets be honest, none of the current parties will help anyone. They will make all kinds of promises to do you favors with your own money. You can vote for economic freedom at the expense of your social liberties or you can vote for your social liberties at the expense of economic liberties. The Libertarian party of Canada will support both your social and economic freedoms via its social policies and economic platform.

3) Logical instead of emotional approaches to find solutions that work better. Libertarians are a diverse group of people and we do not always agree on the best solutions to problems or on opinions on social matters. One thing we do have in common however is that we tend to approach things with a rational mindset, analytical problems solving rather than emotionally based and driven response. We don’t give into baser emotions to solve problems or use them to manipulate the masses. (just google how often Harper uses the word terrorist to scare you into voting for him.) Using logic and reason to find solutions just works better. Period.

2) Ending Foreign interventionism. The recent refugee crisis in Syria is a result of war, something that has plagued the middle east for centuries. The most recent crisis with regard to the refugees however is not because of middle eastern people fighting middle eastern people. These people are fleeing war zones that have been heavily invaded by western armies, including Canada and the U.S.A. This foreign intervention has not created a more peaceful and stable country but rather more instability, more war, more death. Ending foreign military intervention and focusing on humanitarian aid will go much further in helping those who are suffering than going in with guns, bombs, death and destruction.

1) Preservation of Liberties. This is by far the most important reason to vote Libertarian this October. No other party in Canada is interested in preserving your liberties. The libertarian party would end the surveillance state, bill c-51, foreign wars and conflicts, respect your property rights, get out-of-the-way of your social liberties and work towards a system of government that governs least. The libertarian party will respect tax dollars and drastically reduce your tax burden. Cutting cost and programs that directly or indirectly infringe on your rights such as foreign wars, banning private health care and taxing you for public service that does not work for you. The Libertarian party would stop jailing you for victimless actions such as smoking pot.

When you get to the ballot box on October 19th I ask you to really think about the choices presented to you. Think about who you really want in office and if you freedom is more important to you or you ideals that are sold to you from the lips of politicians who care nothing for your freedom but rather their own agenda’s and power. If you do not have a Libertarian candidate in your riding I ask you to decline your ballot rather than support those who would sell you a little security for the cost of your freedom. The biggest threat to our freedom is not from terrorist but from Ottawa. Our current crop of politicians have done more to take our freedoms than all the worlds terrorist combined.

By Andrew McLean Posted in Orginals