Sex sells. And Here Is How To Sell It

This will be my last post on this subject for a while. While I have enjoyed the traffic and success it has generated from my previous posts what is wrong with nudity and what i have learned from losing the nudity taboo I really do not want this blog to turn into a nudist blog. It really is not the purpose I had envisioned and tried to hold to with my writing.

Sex sells and the whole world is buying. That is the basic reality behind everything. Sex is used to sell cars, movies, magazines, books, music, sports, clothing even food products. The following is a basic summary of how to effectively sell sex and use sex to sell.

  1. Before we can even use sex to sell the first thing you have to do is make sure that images of sex and sexuality are alluring to most people. The best way to do this is to create laws that ban the revealing of flesh and skin. When appealing to people’s religious ideal this is very easy to do and to get support for this type of law. Never mind that seeing someones naked body is harmless and does not actually equate sex, we must create laws using the idea that such things are in fact harmful, especially to children. After all we can’t have kids knowing or seeing someone naked in a non-sexual way, it would completely ruin the entire purpose of using sex to sell. It is important that said laws clearly define that body to be indecent
  2. Once laws have been established that ban the human body, we make sure that everyone knows that to reveal any part of your body between the knees or below the shoulders is wrong. (specifically for girls) To do this we tell girls that to do so is slutty and provoking sexual feelings in boys and men. (This helps to re-enforce the fact that naked woman are by default all bout sex in men’s minds) This works best if we teach boys that woman’s bodies are just there for sex to begin with. We can do this by using attractive woman posing in sexually provocative poses in all aspects of our media. It would also help to created some media and entertainment that is exclusively for the purpose of sexual arousal and stimulation.  It is also important that we teach children that to reveal out bodies is bad, wrong, immoral and evil. We can accomplish this by telling them that nudity is for adults only and only for sex.
  3. As laws now state that the human body is indecent and should not be revealed, we then get the fashion and clothing industry to work hard to design clothing that covers the body while at the same time drawing attention to our bodies. We can do this by designing tight form-fitting clothing, short skirts, tank tops. We can use attractive woman to pose in sexually provocative ways highlighting the way their breasts, buts, and other sexually erotic zones are covered by the clothing. We can do the same with men. We can design swim wear that reveals everything but sexually erotic zones of our bodies, and shame those who would wear underwear publicly but not bikinis (which are often more revealing than underwear
  4. Once we have establishes that nudity is exclusively  for sex then we can preach this from the pulpits of media around the world, also we can preach it from the pulpits of our respective churches and other organizations. In schools we can send girls home for wearing shirts that are 2 form-fitting or skirts that are 2 short. This is an important step to ensuring that you can successfully sell sex. We must ensure that the naked human body equally sex is so deeply ingrained into people’s mind that they could not ever think of anything other than sex when seeing it. The best way to do this is to teach it as a matter of religion whether or not it is supported in scripture or other religious material. These religious positions will soon be spread even through the non-religious crowds as a matter of simply decency. (I do not fault the churches necessarily but rather the flawed human interpretations of actual scriptures). At least in my experience I have never heard nudity preached as being wrong by church leaders. It does not matter whether the churches officially accept such things as doctrine only that their members do whether supported in reality or not.
  5. Once society has accepted that nudity=sex we can then move on to selling it effectively. We can do this by use of advertising and other forms of media and age restrictions based on nudity. For example a movie or T.V. show that has nudity in it that shows breasts, buts, penis, vaginas etc can then be rated mature or 18+ (same ratings we give sexual content in media) whether or not it is sexual nudity or not. By doing so we can then get people to think of it in only sexual ways and because this appeals to the more basic instincts of the human animal we can then use this sex appeal to sell sell sell.

If you could not figure it out yet, this was all meant to be tongue in cheek. Either way you look at it works, sex sells. It is not an easy task to get our mindset away from the idea that nudity = sex. Nudity is an essentiall part of sex, which makes it that much harder. Our brains have been hardwired through cultural pressures and influences to think this way and it takes a lot of effort to change that way of thinking. I do not think we can ever truly get away from linking sex and nudity, if we did that would make our married and other romantic relations a bit boring.

We can however work hard to train ourselves into not thinking in terms of sex every-time we come across nudity in what ever form it is in, whether in media design to illicit sexual response or otherwise. Sex sells because every life form on the planet is driven by sexual urges to reproduce the species. We cannot simply shut that out, but it can be controlled and we can train ourselves to be more like the other animals, sex when appropriate but otherwise does not matter that everyone around you is naked or not naked.

It is not easy to re-program you brain but it can be done. I know for myself that I have had much progress, I will never claim to have had perfect de-programming in this issue but I know that if we work hard and really take the time to think about it and re-focus our thought patterns we can change the way we see the world, and others. It’s time to stop training our minds that nudity=sex in every case.


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  1. Our society has equated nudity with sex. Unfortunately even some nudist resorts equate nudity with sex because sex sells. Selling nudity as non sexual will never work. The sexual aspect just needs to be overcome with more positive reasons for nudity.
    The most obvious being physical and mental health.
    Organic foods are all the rage even though more expensive.
    People are even starting to care how the animals they eat a raised.
    It would seem the way the humans are raised and taught could become the focus of much naturist writing. Many parents really do want what is best for their children.

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  2. Very well said. The main thing that sex in advertising seems to do is to attract our attention to a product and at the same time divert it away from any negatives about the thing being sold. Clever and effective. Changing that dynamic, taking note of nudity, is not something that will change for awhile but it could, we can only hope.

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