Every now and then I come across an article talking about how horrible or great it is that a transgender person or one who claims to be at the very least has either pushed their demands on others or has been vindicated. One such recent article by Briebart talks about A high school boy changing in the girls locker room. Ignoring the fact that this article is extremely biased in favor of the writers position against LGBTQ and transgender persons changing in locker rooms that do not match their biological gender. There is however, one very easy way to resolve this issue that would make all parties happy.

End the gender segregation in all public bathrooms facilities. Simple.

Much of the problems we have in our culture and society with these issues stems from embarrassment and shame at seeing another person naked in a public space. Or being seen naked in a public space. Boys and men are told that to see a woman naked is a terrible thing, and girls and women are told to see a man naked is a terrible thing, and cannot be allowed. To open up public change rooms to both genders would be a terrible idea and scaring to young developing minds and bodies. Won’t somebody please think of the children! Oh what harm we will do to their poor developing minds and bodies. They will surely be scarred for life!.

We are also told that if we were to allow men and women to change together in the same change room that inevitably woman will become victims of rapist and children will become victims of pedophiles seeking to prey on them. Doesn’t this say more about our own mentality and cultural ideals than reality? Surely if this kind of fear mongering had any basis in reality there would be numerous reports of victims from family change rooms at public pools.

There seems to be this extremely well programmed psychological mind block in people’s head that they are animals that cannot control their lusts. I hear comments like “I would have been up to no good” and “What teenager could truly resist that kind of temptation”. The Answer I would give that second statement is every teenager if they were properly taught that nudity does not equate sex and that to change together is not a bad thing. Not just in words but in actions as well. Surely in the case of the one article cited, kids would not be left alone but have their teachers there with them to ensure they stay out of trouble. What truly baffles me is that no one is concerned about the sexual urges of a gay teenager sharing the change room with other students of the same gender. They are only concerned with the straight teenager and his (notice how the issue is never about her) inability to control his own sex urges.

What so many people seems to not be able to get their minds around is that all this worry and concern is nothing more than imagined problems that do not reflect or exist in reality. With trans-gendered issues becoming more and more out in the open it is evident and clear that as a culture and society we are struggling to find a way to keep its taboo and customs while simultaneously trying to adapt to the needs and feelings of a select few. very few. Some reports indicate only 0.3% of people are transgender. So we are trying so hard to accommodate such a small yet extremely vocal minority while refusing to change our ideas of whether or not someone should see someone else naked. This is insane, absolutely insane and yet we keep trying to do so.

The only way and best way to resolve these issues is to remove all gender designation from all bathrooms, change rooms, public showers etc … We need to drastically change our attitudes towards nudity and the human body. Stop trying to protect everyone from the terrible and horribly awful thing which is the human body. (Yes I was being sarcastic if you could not tell.)

If our children can think of nothing but sex when they see a naked body and thus become a risk to others, it is not because they have no control over their thoughts and minds. It is not because they are naturally sex crazed maniacs just waiting for the first opportunity to have sex with the first naked person they see. It is because we taught them that nudity = sex. It is because we taught them that the human body is something to embarrassed about. It is because we failed to teach them that not all nudity is about sex. We have taught them this. We continue to perpetuate this dangerous mentality in our obsessive way of trying to protect them. We continue to perpetuate this dangerous mentality by being angry at the idea of a man in a woman’s washroom.

This mentality is degrading to men because it says that men cannot control themselves in the presence of a naked woman. He will be a slave to his sex drive and act with uncontrollable impulses.

This mentality is degrading to women because it tells them that all they can ever be is the objects of sexual lust and fantasy to men and so they must never reveal their bodies to men. To do so would drive them into a sex induce frenzy they cannot control.

Gender segregation in public bathrooms is only one of many cultural ideals that are beginning to cause more problems than it ever solved. We can end this political correctness and issues of LGBTQ discrimination when it comes to change rooms or washroom by ending the idea of separate gender change rooms all together.

I just want to take a moment to talk about gender separation in the Temple. When we go the temple we separate into separate areas for men and women. We have separate change rooms and individual change stalls within the change rooms for each person. There are those that may argue that because of this practice in the temple if we are to follow the ways of God we should follow this same principle in relation to this matter outside the temple as we do in the Temple. It can be easy to come to this conclusion because of how things are handled in the temple regardless of the part of the world the temple is in. It is also important to understand that the purpose of the temple is to ensure that we are fully and wholly focused on the reason we are there. It is a place of high spiritual significance and sacred. The sacred nature of the temple must be upheld to ensure that we are not distracted for any reason from our purpose in going there. Having separate change stalls and change rooms is important to this objective of much higher purpose. This higher purpose is not applicable outside the temple.

We are all human, we are all children of God. We should not be hiding behind a sign on the door and embrace the fact that we are all at our core the same. Children of God who just want to be accepted for who we are. It is what it is, and we all have a body. These concerns are overblown and not in line with actually reality. I once read a book that said people are stupid because they will believe a lie because they want it to be true or because they are afraid it is true. Which is it for you?




  2. And most public washrooms now are designed so that you never see anyone else naked anyway! Toilet stalls are private, and men’s urinals have walls between them. So what’s the big deal about letting someone of another gender, or even another sex, into such a washroom?


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