Dear Christians, Why Do You Reject The Very Image Of God?

God, the grand creator of the Universe. The great designer of all that is. The greatest artist in existence. God created all things. God is the grand master of the universe. No one, and no thing in existence could possibly surpass the Godly beauty of God’s creations. God is above all other things, the sacred creator of all that is, or ever will be, or was. God is the grand master. God created the very world in which we live. God created the beautiful mountains, the Air we breathe, the lakes, rivers, prairies, forest and deserts with the divine beauty of this world that is before our eyes daily. God created all creatures, both great and small in their own unique beauty. God created the heavens and earth. God created all the worlds that are and the beauty of their images can been seen through the modern marvels of technology today. God worked hard to created this divinely beautiful world and universe as part of God’s grand masterpiece.

Of all of God’s creations there is one creation in which we as a culture despise. We as a culture reject the very nature of God’s grandest creation. We seek to destroy the beauty of this master of all masterpieces. We belittle and degrade the glorious beauty of this divine creation. We seek to hide it from view on a daily basis and mock and shame those who dare display this divine masterpiece publicly. It is demonized, rejected and mocked. It is treated as an object of lust and pleasure rather than as a creation of beauty worthy of our deepest admiration. We have gone to such extremes as a culture to reject its divinity, hide its glory and work tirelessly to shame it’s very image. We mock, ridicule prosecute, label, reject and despise those who dare to show this Godly beauty in any public way. And yet this grandest of all God’s creations is something that is so common, normal and natural. This creation is literally the image of God and yet the adversary or Devil has so successfully infiltrated religion, church and humanity so as to destroy the very divinity of its nature. The Devil has so effectively destroyed the divinity of this greatest of all God’s creations so as to completely disregard its divinity as if it never existed in any divine way to begin with. It seems within our culture that the only acceptable display of this divine creation is that which degrades its beauty in images of raw lust. And yet even depictions of its most divine traits, that of its ability to re-produce its very form,  can be artistically rendered and displayed in artistic fashion. The ability of this divine artistry to re-produce itself is a miracle of it’s creation. This creation is a living, breathing, loving, and divine in its very nature and existence. It is a tragedy upon human existence that such a thing could happen to a creation of such divine beauty and Godliness.

What could this divine creation possibly be. What creation of God’s could possibly be so sacred and beautiful that the Devil has spent so much effort to destroy and warp the divinity of this Godly creation? What is this creation that we have so effectively refused to acknowledge as God’s most divine and important creation? This divine creation I speak of is much more common than you might think. The answer can be found in Genesis. But first I will give you a clue.


Genesis 1:26-27

26 ¶And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Men and Women were both created in the image of God. Our bodies, our very image is the physical representation of the Divine. We were created in the image of the God so many of you who identify as christian claim to worship. This divine beauty manifested in the human form, male and female is something that is to be admired, respected, worshiped, loved and adored. God declared it so when God stated “let us make man in our own image … male and female”

The divinity of God is both male and female, gloriously displayed in the image of our very humanity. We are beautiful. We are divine and were not created to be covered and shielded from view. Our bodies are the only creation of God that we seek to cover from view and hide. We were the last of God’s almighty and divine creation and WE WERE CREATED IN HIS IMAGE! God is literally in the form of mankind and mankind is in the form of God! How can we reject such beauty and hide it from view and think of ourselves as worthy of the divine within us! We need not be ashamed of what we are. We, if we are too truly worship and know God only need to openly embrace the divine beauty that is within and without. If we truly want to be closer to God then we must become closer to our own humanity which was created IN THE IMAGE OF GOD! We must not be ashamed or fear our own nudity, or the nudity of others! To embrace the divinity of God is to embrace the divinity of the human form. This cannot be done while hiding behind layers of cloth. We are putting a barrier between us and the divine!

How beautiful is this. How divine is this that your body is the body of a God! In God’s very image! How wonderful when you can see another human being as the God or Goddess that they are when looking upon the divinity of their form! Why must you feel the need to hide the divine behind layers of clothing. God himself must weep at the thought that humanity hides itself in such a shameful way. He is the great artist of the universe and like any great artist must weep at the thought that his greatest masterpiece is hidden behind layers of cloth! Imagine a museum of the greatest pieces of art ever created being covered with cloth to hide them from view!

If we reject our own bodies by hiding them under layers of clothing we are rejecting the very image of God. The very image of the divine. I cannot believe that this is what God intended for his final, most holy and divine creation. When we reject the image of creation itself, the image of our bodies ability to re-produce and literally partake in the most divine act of all, Creation, we reject the divine within us as dirty, evil, abhorrent and morally repugnant. All images of humanity, including images of the divine act of human creation can be displayed as a form of worship of that divinity. Why have we allowed the devil to distort, destroy and undermined our bodies sex, image, divinity and divine natures?

It is time for all those who call themselves Christians to stop rejecting the divine nature of our bodies and start openly embracing it. It is time to embrace the Gods within us. It is time to openly accept the very image of God within our lives. That is our own nakedness. Embrace it, Embrace others nakedness. Embrace the beauty of our creation! We are created in the IMAGE OF GODS!  God can once again show the true nature of being, the true nature of who we are and who God is by openly accepting the very image of God within our hearts, minds, culture and beliefs. It is time we allow the true Image of God to once again be for the world to see for people of all cultures, ages, and beliefs. It is time to once again accept the divine as natural, beautiful, worthy of our worship and love and respect!

So again dear Christians I must ask, Why do you reject the very image of God?

Photographs from model society and google images


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  1. It will be interesting if you delve deeper into God’s creation and see the external and internal reflection of both man and female. Feminine and masculine both physically and nonphysically into a world of amazing creation and wonder. Freemasons understand this concept, the compass and ruler is essentially the feminine and masculine. That is also what is put onto our garments for those who have gone through the masonic symbolism of the LDS temple. We have been intentionally allowed not only to be divided among as human beings but also as females vs males such as pay equality and other social issues. We have also had our internal relationship divided as well depending on how we see the world. Do we see the world as only masculine (logic, assertive) or as only feminine (passive, creative)? Or do we marry the two as ONE and therefore create a masterpiece of a life. Do we marry the physical (masculine) with the non physical (feminine) such as when we partake of food and the marriage in which it creates within the body such as the cells of the body or the bacteria in the gut. It’s an amazing universe and you have only but begun the journey of internal discovery as well as external. I wish you the best of luck as it seems that you have yet only begun this. Thank you for the incredible post with a desire to learn more.

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    • A concept I may explore is the idea of man and woman created after the image of god, thus god is both man and woman and neither is complete without the other. The image or status of god is the combination of the 2 sexes to form one true god. like to halves of a picture that by itself is beautiful only together can we realized the full potential. we must work together to achieve our divine potential as human beings.

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  2. “Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of Nature: if you do not find within your Self that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. If you ignore the wonders of your own House, how do you expect to find other wonders? In you is hidden the Treasure of Treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.” – Oracle of Delphi in Greece

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  3. Saint Andrew:
    May I push just a little?
    God ordained Adam to name the other creatures and then — this was after everything else was made, light, water, land, fish, fowls, everything — then God made the crown of creation: woman.
    Everything else was made from nothing. Woman was created out of man!
    I have a book, “The Nudist Idea” by a pseudonymous Dr. Cec Cinder who spells out about a dozen characteristics of an honest-to-God nudist: tolerant, unashamed, liberal, earth friendly, etc. I’m still reading his lengthy treatment of this,
    But, yes, I don’t think God wanted His light, His sunsets, His Tabernacle, or anything else hidden from view.
    As for fighting the secretively Devilish way that we are prevented from honorably enjoying Creation, we do need some capability above our mortal perspective.
    I’m looking forward to any thoughts you might be formulating on how to combat that!

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  4. People stare so much at me already, and it’s tiresome watching them walk into poles and furniture. Can you imagine what could happen if I took my clothes off too ??? In all seriousness, if I don’t cover my dainty bits with something, they will freeze off in this climate and I prefer to be warm and keep my bits. Even tribal people who still live isolated in the Amazon cover their parts to some extent. Who wants to sit on something with a brown streak on it ? It’s icky to think of the furniture, at least they can throw water on their stuff. Then there’s the problem of the monthlies. Clothes really help with keeping that from getting out of hand gross. There is a place for clothing, it has many practical uses. Fashion is all in our heads and I agree with you on what you have said on all grounds except practical.

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    • I agree, clothing can and does serve a practical purpose in our lives. This post was not however a commentary on practicality of clothing, but a religious rejection of something that is wonderful and beautiful. Clothing should be practical, not as a matter of hiding behind under some pretense of modesty or insecurities.


  5. The photos you used were of each gender completely without clothing. That is not a lack of modesty, but a lack of common sense. I never viewed it as a hated for God’s creation but more as a lack of confidence in our intelligence and ability not to act on base impulses. Many other oppressive religions have similar clothing laws and take it even farther, you can’t even see a woman’s eyes, because they say, it could tempt a man. It’s just a matter of to what degree will people tolerate such ridiculous infringements on their dignity ? I wonder what the LDS leaders would do to Michelangelo’s sculpture of David ? One of the Pope’s decided to go through the Vatican and place fig leaves over all the penises on all the sculptures even though it was THEM who had commissioned the works of art and had them there for generations….but all of the sudden they needed fig leaves. i’m sure they have drawers and drawers of penises they broke off priceless works of art just to please this idiot. If someone’s mind is already in the gutter, no amount of clothing or fig leaves is going to help them, is it ?


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