September 25 2013 I started this blog with the intent of discussing my faith and how it relates to my world view. The purpose behind this blog was to spread and share my LDS faith. This is no longer the case as I have left that faith and begun a new journey of discovery of who I am. I am no longer christian. I am no longer LDS. I am no longer a man of religion or faith-based convictions.

I have learned much over the course of the last 3 years about myself, my faith and who I am. This blog has been a great way for me to express my faith and religious convictions. It has been a journey of discovery and exploration. I have learned much, progressed and grown in my personal life philosophy. The time spent writing in this forum has been a time of great blessings to express the things I believed in.

Life is filled with many changes, challenges and un-expected events that help all of us grow to be the best people we can. The time spent writing on this blog has been just that for me. I have truly loved and enjoyed sharing my thoughts, feelings and faith with all of you who have taken the time to read my blog and shared it with your friends and family. I want to take a moment to say a heart-felt thank you for doing so. I have truly enjoyed reading your comments, thoughts and ideas about those things that I have written about.

At this time I feel that I can no longer continue writing as this blog and its purpose has ended. It no longer fills the needs that I once sought to share my faith with the world. It has served its purpose and served it well. It has really felt like a struggle writing this blog while my faith has changed so dramatically from what it was when I started. I really did not want to just give up on it as I have enjoyed writing on this blog so much.  My will and energy to keep writing on here it just sapped and no longer there at this point. I am tired of trying to continue writing about faith issues I no longer believe in.  I have no regrets and will be forever grateful to have shared with you my thoughts and feelings on many issues of importance. I feel that all I have left is to be critical of faith and religion and it is draining and not what I set out to do. It is time to move on.  I knew when I started writing that It would not go on forever and as with all good things, they must at some point come to an end. This is the end of this blog.

I bid my readers farewell and wish you the best in whatever your futures will be as I continue on my journey of exploring my own self and learning more about who I am. This is not an end but a beginning.

I want to say God bless, but at this point in my life that seems cliché, and odd considering how my faith has changed. For old times sake however I will say God bless and


Thanks for reading and Goodbye



  1. So:
    What’d God say when you said “Bye”?
    You’re still Andrew. Now you are Andrew in (whatever your current situation is). Nothing has changed except your decision to quit web logging on this venue, and I feel that you owe me just a bit more of an explanation, so if you would, email me, please.
    I am 74, and I have been in numbers of different situations yet still wound up Gary.


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