My Name is Andrew. I grew up in the christian based faith of Mormonism. When I started this blog, it was based on that Mormon faith. Since then however I have removed myself from the LDS or Mormon faith and church and my religious ideology has evolved to be a more spiritual based outlook on life and the universe.

My faith is a spiritual based faith. I Believe in God in the sense of God being more of a spiritual idea and universal force with no physical or literal identity, That Christ was a real and legit person who really did exist in reality with some great and wonderful teachings. I strive to maintain a spiritual outlook on life, while not subscribing to any one faith or religion.

This blog is about discussing views on matters of different spiritual and religious significance with the occasional secular discussion thrown into the mix.

Some of what I say on this site will be controversial and some will find offensive. I fully expect it to be. I won’t mince words on subjects that I am passionate about. I will speak my mind without hesitation. Like or Love it. This is my soap box. I will not shy away from controversial subjects when I feel inclined to write about them.

I know my grammar is not perfect, I have no doubt that there will be some spelling and grammar errors. I know I don’t catch everything in my proof reads before publishing, so grammar nazi’s please focus on the message and not the occasional punctuation or spelling error.

I am also quite the avid reader you can read my book reviews and commentary’s at DREWS BOOK REVIEWS



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