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If there is a competition over who’s busiest and most important, I lose. Here is my concession speech.

One of the best blogs posts on parenting I have read. It mirrors what I feel quite a bit and hope that you enjoy it. Parenting is indeed a difficult job but we can’t compare ourselves to others as we just don’t know. I really enjoyed this piece and hope you will as well

The Matt Walsh Blog

Alright, I won’t rehash what I wrote yesterday.

I entered into the octagon and found myself in a Parenting Death Match. The “who has it harder, whose job is tougher, who’s busier, who’s more important, who sleeps less, eats less, has less downtime, and less fun” competition. The “whose life is more miserable, because a miserable life is more important and compelling than a joyous one” contest.

That thing where we see who can beat their chest and play their violin the loudest.

That thing. That thing where we argue about whether dads have it tougher than moms, or moms have it tougher than dads, or Stay at Home moms have it tougher than working moms, or parents have it tougher than non-parents, or I have it tougher than you, or he than her, or her than him, or my dog than your dog, etc, etc, and so forth.


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To anyone who’s been bullied: You’re not invisible.

one of the bloggers i follow wrote some pretty awesome stuff on bullying, as a victim of bullying myself, the anti bullying message means a lot to me and I know there is hope out there for those that have been victimized

Human/ Mormon/ Woman: KATHERINE


In recent years, the problem of bullying (particularly in schools) has become a major part of the public discussion. As someone who has personally seen bullying among students and also having once felt the sting of it myself, I’m all for it (the conversation!). Though I do think that unfortunately sometimes a “No Bully Zone” sign can be about as effective as a “Drug Free Zone” sign, I am grateful that we are talking about it and also taking actions (preventative and disciplinary) to combat this devastating problem.

Let’s turn for a minute to pop culture, shall we? There’s no shortage of songs/ movies/ tv shows with a “be who you are!” message. Many of them are very cliche and unoriginal. “Glee,” Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way,” “High School Musical,” and Taylor Swift’s “Mean” (though I do like this one!) are just a few examples. These all seek to…

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