Pictured above is a picture of my 3 daughters sitting on the steps of the Temple here in Edmonton. My family is greatly blessed to attend church next door to the temple at the stake center. The temple here in Edmonton was dedicated in 1999, I was 18 at the time fresh out of the family ward and into the YSA (Young single Adult ward) I have since grown to love the temple and am quite happy to live in a temple city.

Temples are the house of the Lord and God’s most holy place here on Earth. Given that temples have such a significant importance in the Latter Day faith I thought that I would write a series of articles on Temples around the world. This will be a rather long series or articles on the temples of the world. Currently sitting at over 170 opened, planned, announced or under construction. My plan is to write 1 article on each of the temples around the world and add a new one as they become announced using the LDS Church Temples website as a reference or source for information on each of the temples and various other sources that I can find info on each temple.

Since the beginning of days God’s people have had a sacred place to worship the Lord. In ancient days Adam build an altar to God that served as a temple in those days. Often within the bible the prophets would go up into a mountain to pray to God and worship him as did Abraham when he was commanded to sacrifice his son Issac. In the days of Moses the tabernacle was set up as a kind of portable temple that was carried with the children of Israel during their 40 years in the wilderness of Sinai.

Later after Israel finally settled in their home land Solomon eventually built a more permanent temple


Latter day saints however are not the only ones who have built temples. Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, Greeks have built temples to their Gods as well. Temple building is not unique to Latter Day Saints or Christianity in general but it is unique to Latter Day Saints as far as Christianity is concerned in modern times. Very few other Christian churches have Temples in modern days.

We have a temple here in Edmonton. My family and I attend church currently at the stake center where the temple sits in what used to be the parking lot. It is 10 minutes away yet I don’t seem to get out to the temple as often as I should. Attending the temple is something I would like to do more often.

In the temple we learn about our God and the plan of salvation. The temple brings a spirit of love and peace and is a place we can go to pray when we are facing trials that just feel to large for us to handle on our own. We get married in the temple for time and all eternity and not just till death parts us. A temple marriage is for ever never to end.

When I was born there were only 19 temples in operation around the world and by 1995 there were 47 temples. President Hinkcley announced that the church would start to build a series of smaller temples to bring the temples to the people as larger temples were not only expensive but made it difficult for other members to access them when far aware from the temple. Now there are 170 temples around the world. in 33 years 151 new temples have been built and dedicated. The rapid increase of temples around the world has truly brought to pass the prophecy that “temples would dot the earth” in the latter days.

To quote W Grant Bangerter

Temples are “a place of instruction for all those who are called to the work of the ministry … that they may be perfected in [their] understanding … in all things pertaining to the kingdom of God on the earth.” (D&C 97:13–14.) “Therefore, verily I say unto you, that your anointing, and your washings, … your solemn assemblies, … and … your oracles in your most holy places … [are] for the glory, honor, and endowment of [Zion’s] municipal [or in other words, her citizens, and] are ordained by the ordinance of my holy house, which my people are always commanded to build unto my holy name.”

“Now, where temples have long been established, it is time for a renewed and continuing preparation. This is the work of home teachers, quorum presidents, bishops, and especially high priests, as well as all others involved in teaching the gospel. I remember one elders quorum president who determined that his leadership objective would be to help every member in his quorum to go to the temple. His initial report stated that all but six had qualified. He later reported that all but three had gone before he was released. After his release, however, they “got” the other three.”

The temple is sacred and the most sacred place on earth. Only those worthy and living the standards of the church are permitted to enter. We are not perfect and all have flaws which make the temple that much more important for ourselves. It is in the temple that we seek perfection and learning. We come out of the temple better than we were when we went in. It is God’s house and his spirit truly dwells within its walls.

I hope and pray that my daughters will grow up to marry in the temple one day and that they take the temple with them in their hearts. It is there that we can learn to be perfect. If we will Attend the temple regularly we will find strength beyond our own and we will be blessed with a shield of faith so that when temptations comes we will have the power to overcome. Something I know I should do more often, considering it is only 10 minutes away from my home.

If you could spend you life anywhere where would it be, I would love to just move into the temple and live there. After all who would not want to live with God. I know I do.

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By Andrew McLean Posted in TEMPLES